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Technology in the world of truck tires

Technology is taking over the trucking industry. That much is clear across every aspect of the truck—from the state-of-the-art features of the engine to the tracking software that lets you know where your trailer is at all times. Naturally, it’s true for the tires as well. It might not be the most immediate area you

Photo gallery: Michelin’s Movin’ On mobility summit

Held from May 30 through June 1, Michelin’s Movin’On mobility summit brings together people of many countries to talk about and see the latest in mobility. Transportation of all kinds—from cars to heavy-duty trucks to electric boats—is featured at the show. Browse the photo gallery below to see the highlights from a summit that doesn’t

Michelin to have 80% sustainable, 100% recycled tires by 2048

Michelin announced that it has put into place a new plan to ensure that by 2048, all of its tires will be manufactured using 80% sustainable materials and 100% of all tires will be recycled.

Not too high, not too low: The importance of keeping your truck tire inflation levels just right

A fleet manager’s job is focused on the little things. A tenth of an MPG here, an extended maintenance cycle there—across a fleet, these seemingly small points can add up to significant profits. The same goes for truck tire inflation: a few PSI in the right direction can go a long way, while a few

BFGoodrich unveils new all-terrain tires

BFGoodrich launched two new all-terrain truck tires: the Cross Control S and Cross Control D. The tires are aimed at tackling energy, oil and gas, construction and logging applications. “Energy segments are seeing a resurgence and when construction is hot, logging is hot,” said Adam Murphy, Michelin Business-to-Business vice president of marketing. “Those three applications

Michelin introduces aerodynamic trailer solution, new all-weather drive tire

Michelin North America launched a SmartWay-verified aerodynamic trailer solution kit. The Michelin Energy Guard is for use on 53-ft dry-van truck load, refrigerated truck load and other long-haul and super-regional applications. In addition, Michelin Americas Truck Tires is introducing the Michelin X One Line Grip D drive tire for fleets looking to maximize driver confidence

Optimizing truck tire performance: How to protect your investment

When choosing tires, Sharon Cowart, product marketing director for Michelin Americas Truck Tires, says that the first step is to determine what your goals are for your tire program. “For over-the-road operations, it is a common goal to maximize fuel savings,” she begins. “For more localized operations the goals may be more focused on lowering

Why you might want to consider wide base tires

If you run a fleet in a weight-sensitive application, you might want to consider wide base tires. A 2015 report from the North American Council for Freight Efficiency found that wide base tires intended for the over-the-road line-haul market will save significant amounts of fuel when compared to tires that are not designed for low

It’s in the air: Managing and maintaining tires to increase service life

The number of tire-related issues and roadside events could be significantly reduced by maintaining proper tire pressure inspections; ultimately, downtime on the side of the road can be reduced. If a tire is 20% below recommended pressure, it must be considered flat. “Maintaining proper tire air pressure is probably the single most important maintenance activity

Michelin shows off new line-haul drive tire, adds X Multi D sizes

Available immediately, the new Michelin XDA Energy + is a dual drive-position tire for line-haul applications, Michelin Americas Truck Tires announced at the North American Commercial Vehicle show. The XDA Energy + is designed for fleets and owner-operators who are focused on fuel savings to reduce their operating costs, Michelin said. Fuel savings is driven

The value of low rolling resistance trailer tires

For many years, tire manufacturers have been promoting the fuel-saving potential of their low rolling resistance products. Their claims, based on sound research, indicate that tire rolling resistance accounts for a significant percentage of fuel consumption. Their case for adopting low rolling resistance tire technology becomes even stronger when you consider that, under the EPA

low rolling resistance
Tire choices for 6×2 axle configurations

While adoption of 6×2 axle configurations in over-the-road applications has lagged behind industry expectations—largely because of unexpected challenges and consequences in making the switch to 6×2 configurations, as well as lower-than-expected fuel prices making such a switch less of a money saver—there is still significant interest among fleets in making such a switch. And those

Heavy Duty Truck 6x2 axle