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Case Study: New Cab Climate Solution Greatly Reduces Idling

Wheeler CAT Fleet Manager Scott Cline wanted to reduce the engine idle time racked up by the fleet’s service trucks when technicians were out on jobs.  Idle time was averaging 34% across the truck fleet, with some trucks hitting 50% idle time. The numbers were driving up fuel costs and increasing engine maintenance and downtime. 

Challenges With Service Truck Cab Heating and Cooling 

With more extreme temperatures becoming the norm, service technicians may sit in their truck cabs more often to cool off or warm up and take a break from harsh weather conditions. This results in more truck idling across your fleet.  Having a cooled or heated truck cab to duck into plays a big role in

6 Tips To Improve Work Truck Ergonomics and Tech Comfort  

For service technicians, the setup and design of their trucks can affect efficiency, comfort and safety, and access to the tools and equipment they need to get work done.  The choices that fleet managers make when specifying a work truck impact play a key role in all of these factors, and it’s not only safety

Miller releases EnPak A60 solution for medium-duty work trucks

Miller Electric Mfg. has announced the release of the new EnPak A60 power system for Class 5 to 7 trucks, which provides integrated multiprocess welding, battery charge/crank assist, compressed air, hydraulic power and electric power. The company says that the system eliminates the need to carry additional equipment, maximizing available payload space. EnPak A60 capabilities