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Take the charge out of static electricity

Remember when you were a kid and first discovered that under certain conditions you’d get a little electric shock when you touched an object with your finger? This spark was rather exciting as well as somewhat painful—as the backs of tens of thousands of friends’ ears will attest. These sparks are the result of static

Do you hear the truck service problems I hear?

A phone call into the shop goes something like this: Driver: It makes a noise when I let the pedal up.Technician: What pedal? What kind of noise?Driver: The clutch. It makes a weird noise when I let the pedal up. Like a growl sound.Technician: When did it start?Driver: Not sure, I just noticed it. This

Mitchell 1’s Ben Johnson Joins HDAW panel focused on data usage in the aftermarket

Ben Johnson, director of product management for Mitchell 1 has been invited to participate in a panel discussion during Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW): Paving the Way: How the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Can Profit from Telematics and Predictive Maintenance.  The session is scheduled for Tuesday, January 25 at 9 a.m. central time in Texas Ballroom A&B, at the

When wind, road noise is more than just a distraction

We’ve all seen television shows or movies where the characters are carrying on a conversation in a moving vehicle. There is something typically missing from such scenes, namely noise. But we don’t even notice as our attention is on the characters and what is being said. Nevertheless, in real life quite a lot of noise

Wind Road Noise Truck Service
Mitchell 1 adds TruckSeries Interactive Wiring Diagrams features

Mitchell 1 has added new features to the Advanced Interactive Wiring Diagrams found in its TruckSeries truck repair software, further simplifying navigation and improving technician efficiency. The new enhancements streamline navigation within a diagram set or from one diagram set to a completely different diagram set, as well as adding interactivity to connectors, grounds and

Diagnosing truck vibrations isn’t always fun and games

The American artist Winslow Homer didn’t intend his 1872 painting Snap the Whip (pictured above) to provide a visual representation of the force released by vibration on a truck. But Homer’s painting does just that, in addition to being a nostalgic look at bare-footed schoolboys at play. Linked together by holding hands, the boys at

Be it engine oil or delicious pasta: Beware of too much of a good thing

Some years ago, shortly after we were married, my wife made spaghetti using her own special recipe. This dish was one of the best plates of spaghetti I had ever experienced. I boldly proclaimed how I could easily eat this spaghetti every night. This experience was the first time I personally learned the truth of

The unglamorous drive axle—don’t ignore it

Drive axles are the silent heroes in a truck’s powertrain, but due to their position at the back of the truck, the drive axles remain more or less out of view and out of mind. Sharp looking custom wheels may be the only reason the drive axle gets so much as a glance from anyone

Mitchell 1 awards 2021 TMCSuperTech Grand Champion with TruckSeries subscription

Mitchell 1 announced it has awarded the 2021 TMCSuperTech Grand Champion, Christopher Tate from Mohawk Truck, with a full-year subscription to Mitchell 1’s TruckSeries repair information software. He will have access to all of the company’s online service information products for Class 4 to 8 trucks. The event was part of the American Trucking Associations’

Mitchell 1 Truck Shop Management Program to increase fleet integration

Mitchell 1 announced that the latest release of its Manager SE Truck Edition truck shop management software includes new fleet management and communication features. Building on the recent addition of VMRS codes in its TruckSeries truck repair software, the latest upgrade to Manager SE Truck Edition increases a service provider’s capability to integrate and communicate

Mitchell 1 adds VMRS Codes to TruckSeries truck repair software

Mitchell 1 has added Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS) codes to its TruckSeries suite of truck repair software solutions, the company announced during a press conference at the TMC 2021 fall meeting. Repair facilities using the Quotes Module in TruckSeries will be able to map labor jobs to VMRS codes, giving the vehicle owner a

Mitchell 1 addresses ADAS service complications, talks solutions

Ben Johnson, director, product management, Mitchell 1, noted that advanced driver assistance systems can be impacted by seemingly unrelated repairs. “We talk to shops who say, ‘I have yet to work on an ADAS system,’ but they work on something unrelated that required them to move the ADAS component and that move requires recalibration,” he