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Powerfleet, MiX Telematics approved for business combination

The combination is expected to be complete in the first week of April, after which the businesses will be branded as Powerfleet.

MiX Telematics introduces new real-time driver tracking app

Telematics provider MiX Telematics announced that its MyMiX Tracking app is now available. MyMiX Tracking allows companies to drive fleet safety and efficiency without the need for embedded hardware, the telematics provider said. MyMiX Tracking leverages mobile phone technology to enable real-time tracking of drivers while also recording, measuring and enabling real-time self-correction of risky

MiX Telematics launches AI-powered video telematics solution

MiX Telematics has launched MiX Vision AI, an extensive update to its video telematics offering that the company says enhances its ability to help customers improve driver safety and reduce operating costs. MiX Vision AI leverages machine vision technology to detect and alert drivers and managers to unsafe or risky driving behavior that impacts road

MiX Telematics to launch MyMiX Tracking app

MiX Telematics has introduced app-based tracking for vehicles and drivers with MyMiX Tracking. MyMiX Tracking uses mobile phone technology to enable real-time tracking of drivers while also recording, measuring and enabling real-time self-correction of risky driving behavior events including speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration and mobile phone use while driving, the company says. The app-based

Talking 2020 truck telematics trends and solutions to leverage in 2021

The ELD mandate that went into full effect in December of 2019, while a thorn in some fleets’ sides, was timed fortuitously. When the pandemic hit the U.S. in March, essential fleets ran trucks longer and harder than ever to deliver goods to where they were needed most, and those fleets had more insight into

Talking 2020 truck telematics trends
Three ways telematics can reduce truck fleet maintenance costs

There are a few variables to look at when calculating the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your vehicles, including acquisition cost, operating costs, depreciation and more. However, the one variable that carries some of the largest cost is maintenance. Maintenance cost will increase during a vehicle’s lifetime, ultimately affecting lifetime costs of ownership. According

Navistar adds new partnerships with telematics, fleet management providers

Navistar International Corp. has announced Gateway Integrations, a collection of software integrations with telematics and fleet management providers. Navistar says Gateway Integrations are designed to reduce fleet costs, simplify data transmission and streamline access to fleet management and compliance solutions by using Navistar’s factory-installed telematics device as a gateway to streamline software solutions without the

MiX Telematics survey finds one in eight trucking fleets are not ELD compliant

According to a recent study on ELD compliance and use by U.S. trucking fleets, one in eight trucking fleets are not ELD compliant.

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MiX Telematics launches MiX Now fleet management software for light-duty fleets

MiX Telematics, provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions, has launched MiX Now, which the company describes as simplified, self-service fleet software that empowers business owners to easily manage their vehicles and drivers. According to the company, MiX Now tells business owners or managers where their vehicles and drivers are, reveals how vehicles are

MiX Telematics introduces MiX Integrate API platform

MiX Telematics has introduced MiX Integrate, an API platform that allows for third-party data integration. According to MiX, MiX Integrate can serve as a bridge between in-house or third-party business systems and telematics data generated by MiX’s solutions. “MiX Telematics understands that data analysis and integration are critical components in driving greater adoption and effective

What fleet managers need to know about in-cab video monitoring

According to the FMCSA’s latest available figures, in 2013 there were 389,000 large truck and bus crashes in the U.S., and 3,806 of these resulted in at least one fatality. The estimated total cost of these crashes: $103 billion. Clearly, there is more that fleets can be doing to ensure the safety of drivers and

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Six tips for maximizing heavy-duty truck fuel efficiency

Despite the relative reduction in the price of fuel over the past two years, fuel continues to be the No. 1 cost of operating a fleet. As such, fleet managers are continuously looking for new ways to reduce fuel consumption. Here are some practical tips that can help: 1. Actively coach driver behavior while they are

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