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Hydrogen Heavy Duty Vehicle Industry Group members partner to standardize hydrogen refueling

The Hydrogen Heavy Duty Vehicle Industry Group—comprised of hydrogen industry companies Air Liquide, Hyundai, Nel Hydrogen, Nikola Corp., Shell and Toyota—has signed agreements with Tatsuno Corp. and Transfer Oil S.p.A. to industrialize globally-standard 70 MPa hydrogen heavy-duty vehicle high-flow (H70HF) fueling hardware components. The industry group was formed in February 2019 with the goal of

Nikola board of directors announces leadership transition

Nikola Corp.’s Trevor Milton has approached the company’s board of directors and proposed to voluntarily step aside as executive chairman and from the board. The board accepted his proposal, and Stephen Girsky, former vice chairman of General Motors Co. and a member of Nikola’s board, has been appointed chairman of the board, effective immediately. “As

Nikola awarded $1.7 million grant to research fuel cell membrane electrode assembly

The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded Nikola Motor Company a $1.7 million grant to advance its research into fuel cell membrane electrode assembly (MEA).

Nikola Motor Co. raises $100 million

With a $1.1 billion pre-money valuation, Nikola Motor Company’s Chief Executive Officer, Trevor Milton, announced that he anticipates the $200 million C round will be oversubscribed with more than $100 million already raised and funded this month. “Nikola’s business model has been vetted, and the investment world is taking notice,” Milton said as he rattled off

The fuel of the future? How hydrogen trucks could get their infrastructure

Many alternative energies are exciting to dream about, but you go crashing back to reality when confronted with one word: infrastructure. The “how” of putting together a network of charging stations for electric cars and trucks or hydrogen fueling stations is always much more difficult than the “how” of making those trucks available in the

Watch: Hydrogen fuel cell-powered trucks—an explainer

Hydrogen-electric trucks still have a fully electric powertrain—meaning there’s no diesel or gasoline engine. But rather than being powered solely by electric batteries, the electric motor is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, which allows the truck to use a smaller, lighter battery. Naturally that invites another question: what is a hydrogen fuel cell, and

Nikola Motor Co. brings hydrogen-electric truck manufacturing headquarters to Arizona

Nikola Motor Co. has selected Buckeye, Arizona, for its hydrogen-electric truck manufacturing headquarters. The new 500-acre, one million sq.-ft. facility will be located on the west side of Phoenix and, according to the state, will bring more than $1 billion in capital investment to the region by 2024. “Arizona has the workforce to support our

Dive into electric truck details as you would with any equipment

Electrification! The buzz of that word is quickly drowning out the reality of the technology. It’s easy to talk about it in terms of generalities, but it’s important to understand that the excitement around electrification is because it has real-world, money-saving applications that will impact your fleet in the next two to three years. Let’s

WABCO invests in Nikola Motor Co.

WABCO Holdings Inc. announced that it has made a $10 million strategic investment in Nikola Motor Co., a maker of hydrogen-electric vehicles, vehicle components, energy storage systems and electric vehicle drivetrains. In addition to the strategic investment, WABCO and Nikola signed an agreement to accelerate the development of safety technologies specifically designed for electric commercial

Nikola, Bosch team up to develop electric truck powertrain

Nikola Motor Co. announced plans to bring the Nikola One and Two, a class 8 hydrogen-electric truck lineup, to market by 2021. According to Nikola, the truck will deliver more than 1,000 horsepower and 2,000 ft./lbs. of torque all with “zero local emissions.” At the heart of the Nikola truck lineup is a new commercial