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Dealing with aftertreatment issues

If you’ve been paying attention to the most recent engine announcements, you’ll notice that the engine companies have spent a good deal of time highlighting the features of the aftertreatment system (ATS). That’s no accident—the ATS is extremely important, and the systems have advanced significantly in recent years. Before we dive into the details, here’s

Fleets offer reman engine insights

Dan Vander Pol, director of maintenance for Oak Harbor Freight Lines Inc.: “We have purchased reman engines on our city trucks [Class 7], but most of the time on our linehaul trucks [Class 8], we would be able to rebuild the engine and if we can’t rebuild we purchase new engines. We have put reman

TCO: Knowing your numbers is smart business

You hear a lot these days about the total cost of ownership (TCO). We wanted to know how fleets are doing the math to make sure they are keeping costs in check and getting the best value out of their equipment. Determining TCO According to Darry Stuart, president and chief executive officer of DWS Fleet

Point/Counterpoint: Fleet managers on the effectiveness of today’s batteries

We’ve been over the dangers of parasitic loads and the methods that can help prevent them. But what do fleet managers think? Are they finding problems with today’s batteries being able to handle the new technology in trucks? We interviewed two fleet managers, and got two drastically different answers. Batteries aren’t an issue… “We run

Purchase and lease decisions: the fleet perspective

When researching the optimal balance between purchasing and leasing, we asked fleets how they acquire and finance equipment. Here’s what they had to say: Peter Nativo, director of maintenance for Oakley Transport says, “We lease short term [seasonal] trucks for our Citrus division. This year we leased 85. The season runs from the end of

Effective maintenance, sound equipment choices help Oak Harbor Freight Lines operate efficiently

Freight volumes are higher than expected, notes Dan Vander Pol, director of maintenance at Oak Harbor Freight Lines. “While that is certainly good news, it does put a lot of pressure on our maintenance department to keep equipment running efficiently and on the road,” he says. “We don’t have extra equipment; so, if we have

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