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Old World Industries launches Final Charge Pro-Series with heavy-duty coolant technology

Old World Industries, the manufacturer of Final Charge Heavy Duty Antifreeze/Coolant, has announced the launch of new Final Charge Pro-Series with an advanced and proprietary technology engineered to deliver the highest level of performance for today’s heavy-duty engines. Its stabilized Phosphate enhanced Organic Acid Technology (POAT) corrosion inhibitors provide fast-acting, long-lasting protection to all cooling

Ten things you need to know about your trucks’ coolant

FE surveyed coolant experts around the industry about the most important things fleets should know when it comes to their coolant. Below is a brief guide to your trucks’ coolant, in the form of 10 of their most important coolant tips. First things first: know what kind of coolant your truck OEM recommends, and what

Keep the summer sun from overheating your engines

Say your driver is out on the road and notices something wrong—liquid is leaking from the engine area. The driver suspects a coolant leak, but how can he or she know for sure? It’s an important question. Coolant leaks are serious business. “Coolant leaks can be very damaging, as they reduce the coolant level, lower

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Old World Industries announces strategic partnership with BASF

Old World Industries (OWI) is now the sole distributor and strategic partner of BASF Glysantin automotive coolant/antifreeze products in the North American market.

Peak launches new high-performance extended life antifreeze + coolant

The introduction of the new Peak marks Old World Industries’ first major launch in the extended life antifreeze/coolant segment.

Do you know what coolant is required in your engines?

Cooling systems can be a major culprit in causing catastrophic engine failures. Ensuring that your engines are running at optimum temperature to be as efficient as possible starts with filling with the proper coolant. Today, most fleets are running some sort of extended life coolant (ELC), but the chemistry of ELCs can vary wildly. That

Old World Industries introduces Hybrid Blue heavy-duty coolant

Old World Industries has introduced Hybrid Blue, a new heavy-duty coolant. Marketed under the Peak Commercial & Industrial Fleet Charge brand, Hybrid Blue is a Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT) Extended Service Interval (ESI) Coolant/Antifreeze with a phosphate-borate dual buffer system and low silicate level. This technology has been formulated for use in all heavy

Old World Industries acquires Victory Blue

Old World Industries, LLC has acquired Victory Blue, a Dallas-based diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) company. The asset purchase included seven production facilities throughout the U.S. Kal Mahmood, Old World Industries’ president and chief executive officer, said that this acquisition would bring about improved distribution efficiencies, and allow the company to be better poised to service the growing

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