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Tips for creating a clearer truck service picture using telematics

Analyzing truck data to improve your service operation is a lot like playing connect the dots. You have to draw the lines between hard-braking data and, potentially, tire or brake pad wear information. The challenge is that the picture isn’t always clear. Sometimes your line between data points descends down the data analysis rabbit hole

Omnitracs announces availability of Strategic Planner

Omnitracs Strategic Planner, a cloud-based product that offers customers a way to analyze, modify and optimize fleet operations, the company announced. Omnitracs Strategic Planner is part of the automated solution for routing, dispatching, mobile workflow, proactive alerting and fleet telematics. Building upon the Omnitracs Territory Planner on-premise solution, the company says the added functionality creates

Trailer telematics shouldn’t be overlooked

It may still sound like a buzzword, but the fact is that fleet managers can no longer ignore telematics for their trailers.

SkyBitz enters strategic fleet, trailer technology partnership with Omnitracs

SkyBitz says customers will benefit from improved trailer visibility and scheduling tools, more robust in-cab fleet management solutions and a consolidation of data across platforms that will expedite the development of analytics and automation processes.

Omnitracs announces general availability of Omnitracs One platform

Omnitracs has announced the general availability of Omnitracs One, an enterprise-grade mobility platform.

Solving the puzzle: Eagle Transport is using fleet management technology to put all the right pieces together

Primarily, Eagle Transport hauls raw milk from farms and plants to production facilities. The niche carrier also works with organic and smaller farms. In addition, it handles some loads of liquid sugar.

Can you hear me now? More questions on the 3G sunset

Still have questions about the 3G sunset, the future of 5G and how your telematics solutions will integrate with it all? Read on!

Daimler-Trucks-Tests-Platooning-Highway Generic
Your guide to the 3G sunset

Cellular provider commercials are announcing the coming of 5G, and that means that 3G networks need to get out of the way to meet ever-increasing cellular bandwidth demands. Now is the time to take stock of what telematics devices will need replaced when the 3G network rides into the sunset.

Machine learning in trucking, demystified

Machine learning. It’s a head-spinning artificial intelligence that puts a massive amount of data through algorithms and statistical models to tell you cool things like which of your drivers is likely to have an accident in the next 30 to 60 days with breathtaking accuracy. But is it the real deal or science fiction?

Omnitracs, Cummins collaborate on remote calibration technology

Omnitracs recently announced a technology collaboration with Cummins on a new solution that leverages existing hardware to perform remote calibration updates on Cummins-powered engines.

Cummins X12 Engine
How implementing trailer tracking systems can streamline operations

With industry challenges such as driver shortages and high levels of equipment utilization, efficiently managing trailers is more critical than ever.

Quick advice for integrating service data within your fleet

Integrating operational and efficiency data points into your heavy-duty truck service software can make the difference between a heavy-duty truck being down for hours instead of days. Check out this rundown of quick data-centric advice to boost your service process. And click here to read our in-depth integrated truck service data story if you missed