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Optronics touts FusionX LED combo lamp compliance even in warning mode  

Optronics International recently announced the introduction of its STLW and STL FusionX family of combination stop, tail, turn, backup and warning lights. Featuring a signature “X” LED lighting array in their centers, and available in eight SKUs, the FusionX lamps are the newest members of Optronics’ Fusion Series combination lamps.   Optronics’ FusionX LED combination

Optronics introduces marker/clearance lamps with mini-scene-light feature

Optronics International has introduced its new MCL16MRHAHB and MCL16MAHAHB LED marker/clearance/scene lights. The newest members of Optronics’ MCL16 series family of lights, the unique 1 1/4-in., seven-diode, PC-rated lamps enable vehicles to meet clearance and all marker lighting regulations, but give users an extra lighting bonus, the company says. The new clear lens lamps are

Optronics develops new MCL16 LED marker/clearance lights

Optronics International has introduced its new 1 1/4-in. MCL16 LED marker/clearance light to the market. Nebraska-based trailer builder Timpte, Inc. will be the first to use the new light on its dry bulk commodity trailers, and Optronics lighting will now come standard across the board on all Timpte trailers, including the 2022 Super Hopper model

The latest lighting advancements for last-mile delivery vehicles

It’s easy for fleets and, at times, even the drivers themselves to take for granted the variety and complexity of lighting necessary to deliver goods for that final mile. Interior lights, headlights, perimeter lights, taillights, brake lights – none is less important than another, and all are necessary every day for the last-mile delivery driver.

Don’t get blinded by the light: A lighting guide for last-mile delivery vehicles

Imagine you’re on the set of Hollywood’s next big blockbuster. The media can’t stop talking about it, and you’re in the director’s chair. You’ve hired the actors and built the props; now it’s time to shoot your first scene. What’s the first word you yell to the production crew? “Lights,” of course! There is no

Illuminating truck, trailer lighting safety opportunities

The needs of drivers continue to be in the forefront of fleet spec’ing decisions, safety being paramount not just inside the cab, but all around the vehicle. The right truck and trailer lighting can make a big difference–one you can literally see. But what’s the ROI? How can you justify an additional lighting spend during

Interior truck trailer lighting safety
Optronics introduces modular LED strip light

Optronics International has introduced its new Modular LED Strip Light model ILL23CB. The new light is 17.25 in. long and 0.75 in. thick, and can be mated together to form a solid, linear light source measuring 6.939 ft. in length. The company says its design makes it easy to install, even in corners. Individual lamps

Optronics introduces custom LED logo lamps

Optronics International is introducing new lamps that display stop, tail and turn lights with integrated graphics. The new lamps merge brand identities into the lighting design.

Optronics introduces new LED warning and beacon lamps

The lamps employ a solid-state, surface-mount device (SMD) design that protects their electronics against moisture, shock and vibration, and the lamps come with Optronics’ one-diode lifetime warranty protection, which will replace any lamp if even one diode fails.

Enhancing safety through lighting

FE asked Brett Johnson, president and chief executive officer of Optronics International, what fleets can do to enhance safety through lighting. Here is what he had to say.

Test your truck triage skills

Fleet service managers, start your diesel diagnosis engines!

Optronics launches new website

Optronics International has launched a new website, which includes access to the company’s 2019 Vehicle Lighting Catalog. According to Optronics, the user interface developed for the new website is designed to maximize product search and drilldown capabilities, while minimizing the number of clicks needed. Advanced search tools enable users to access item level product listings,