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Over-the-air updates: Should you activate them in the shop, or have drivers do it?

Are some OTA updates better handled by drivers, and some better to be done in the shop? How do you know which are which?

Geotab, Cummins partner to enhance OTA connectivity

The Cummins connected software updates will be available within select Geotab devices and compatible engines.

What the future of OTA updates means for the future of trucking

If you’re a fan of over-the-air updates like I am, you may be wondering: How could it get better than this? The ability to update the truck to be more efficient remotely is already pretty great, and a huge benefit to uptime. But the future is going to be wild, my friends: Upcoming innovations will

From regen to fault codes: remote truck service realities

One of the biggest advantage over-the-air updates bring to the service process is the ability to clear faults. Fault codes crop up, they worry the driver and all we really have to do is clear the codes in the shop. With over-the-air updates pushed from the OEMs, the software on the engine is updated and

Time is money: The benefits of over-the-air updates

You’ve heard all the sayings: time is money; time is our most precious resource; a stitch in time saves nine (though to be honest I have no idea what that last one means). These are all cliches, but they became that way because they are all true—with such tight delivery schedules and profit margins that

The future of over-the-air engine updates

You’ve read all about the latest over-the-air engine update offerings (and if you haven’t, you can check out that story here). And you may be wondering, what’s next for OTA? FE’s interviewed experts suggested that upcoming innovations will focus on making the software changes more dynamic, reducing the need for downtime when updating, and giving

Mack Trucks introduces unlimited parameter updates with Mack Over The Air

Mack Trucks customers can now make unlimited parameter updates through the Mack Over The Air (OTA) remote programming solution. “Mack wanted to make it easier for customers to implement parameter updates since some need to do so on a frequent basis depending upon their specific applications,” said David Pardue, vice president of connected vehicle and

Volvo Trucks’ Remote Programming Service touts unlimited parameter updates

With access to all Volvo Trucks parameter updates, customers can now optimize their vehicles’ operations without limitations. Parameter updates can be completed from virtually anywhere, noted Volvo Trucks North America. Customers can select from an extensive collection of individual and bundled vehicle parameter kits to establish controls, such as maximum road speed, cruise speed, idle

Ford Telematics expands into all makes, all models regardless of automaker

During the Work Truck Show 2021, held virtually, Ford announced that Ford Telematics will support all makes and models–regardless of automaker. With this expanded functionality, fleet managers will be able to analyze all of their fleet vehicles in one easy-to-use dashboard, including the ability to improve uptime, monitor performance and plan maintenance services, according to

The truck service impact of over-the-air engine updates

Operational data, diagnostic information—the cliche marketing line that the truck is a rolling cell phone is true, especially now that the data goes both ways. Over-the-air updates allow for a two-way digital dialogue between your trucks and the software service platform that supports them. Over-the-air (OTA for short) reprogramming lets you send an update to

Data Center Over The Air updates improves truck service
Five truck trend takeaways from September

Here are the biggest stories from September focused on the latest truck trends, all in one place.

Watch: Let your trucks’ engines hear what the OEMs have to say with over-the-air updates

It wasn’t so long ago that fleets could essentially only use their trucks’ data as a one-way transmission—streaming off of your trucks and into your telematics dashboard. Today, we can use that data as a full-blown, two-way heavy-duty dialogue thanks to over-the-air engine reprogramming. By taking advantage of cellular networks, OEMs can use over-the-air engine