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PACCAR Parts reports 16 million order lines shipped in 2017

PACCAR Parts reports that it shipped more than 16 million global order lines from its distribution centers to DAF, Kenworth and Peterbilt dealers, and TRP Stores in 2017. “In addition to our record of shipping 16 million global order lines, we achieved outstanding order shipping accuracy of 99.98% and a worldwide same-day order fulfillment rate

PACCAR Parts opens new two distribution centers

PACCAR Parts has announced the opening of two new parts distribution centers (PDCs) in Brisbane, Australia, and Panama City, Panama. According to the company, these facilities will increase parts availability, maximize uptime, and provide superior service to PACCAR customers in the respective markets. The new PDC in Brisbane expands the Australia distribution network to two

PACCAR Parts announces the incoming 2017 Peterbilt Parts Council

  PACCAR Parts’ executive team welcomed the incoming 2017 Peterbilt Parts Council and recognized the outgoing members for their service in a joint meeting held at PACCAR Parts. “Noted parts directors and managers from Peterbilt dealerships in the United States and Canada serve on the council,” said Danny Landholm, national sales manager for Peterbilt PACCAR

TRP introduces new line of oils

TRP has expanded its product offerings to include a full line of lubricants for all makes of trucks and buses. Available in the United States, Canada and Latin America, TRP Engine Oil, TRP Synthetic Transmission Oil and TRP Synthetic Gear Oil are the newest additions to the TRP global catalog. “Providing industry professionals with products they

TRP announces new air spring warranty and product offerings

TRP has announced an enhanced warranty on its complete line of all-makes air springs. The TRP Air Spring Performance Guarantee is a promise to buy back any TRP air springs that do not fully satisfy customer expectations up to two years after purchase, through any TRP retail location in North America and Latin America. TRP air

TRP introduces all-makes ‘super heavy-duty’ A/C compressors

TRP is expanding its line of all-makes truck, trailer and bus parts with TRP super heavy-duty A/C Compressors. “The compressor is the heart of the HVAC system and is even more crucial for heavy-duty vehicles during the warm summer months,” said Mark Santschi, product marketing manager for PACCAR Parts. “Built with the exact specifications of

Digging into diagnostics: Sifting through onboard data to put fleet analytics to work

With more vehicles “plugging in,” fleets stand to gain uptime by leveraging data from onboard computers. Telematics software collects sophisticated diagnostic information related to vehicle performance and automatically sends data related to fault codes to dealers and fleet managers. Some providers have integrated telematics software and maintenance management systems, while others take a more “a

Digging into fleet truck diagnostics
TRP celebrates 20th anniversary of offering truck, trailer and engine parts

TRP is celebrating its 20th anniversary offering replacement parts for all makes of trucks, trailers, buses and engines since 1994. “Over the last 20 years, PACCAR Parts has developed the TRP line of quality all-makes replacement parts to exceed customers’ expectations,” said Bart Lore, general marketing manager for PACCAR Parts. “The breadth of the TRP

Shop photo of TRP 20th anniversary
Replacing wheels and drums: Preventative maintenance program insight for long service life

Is there any fleet manager who isn’t interested in minimizing his fleet’s operating costs but doesn’t understand that he needs to utilize every bit of service life out of his equipment that’s economically possible? That’s true, of course, for trucks, tractors and trailers, but it’s also true for the parts that make up a fleet’s

Replacing wheels and drums Alcoa Wheels