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Penray introduces synthetic media heavy-duty coolant filters

The Penray Cos. Inc. introduced a new line of heavy-duty coolant filters featuring synthetic media with triple-layer engineering. In addition to the synthetic media, many of these new filters incorporate Penray’s Need-Release technology, which introduces coolant additives and fortifiers on an as-needed basis, stabilizing the coolant for optimum effectiveness. Penray also offers synthetic media filters for

Keeping truck engines cool: The right coolant and coolant filter stand between you and engine repairs

The biggest factors surrounding engine coolant are maintaining engine temperatures, assisting in emission control and being plagued by chemical and particulate contamination, says John Gaither, director of heavy-duty engineering for Luber-finer. In addition, he notes, they often must handle rust, silicate drop out and scale, which is caused by an unbalanced system and needs to

There is confusion around which coolant should be used
Penray details installer service kits offerings

Penray offers a variety of system-specific installer service kits that include the chemicals needed to clean, protect and fortify various vehicle systems. These kits include cleaners, protectants, conditioners and lubricants needed to restore performance. Penray also offers installer tools and full lines of automotive, heavy-duty and shop chemicals. The Penray Installer line encompasses a collection of kits providing preventive maintenance for