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Penske brings voice-assisted solutions to the service bay

It’s not uncommon these days to speak to electronic devices to complete daily tasks. We can ask Google Assistant to make our grocery list, Amazon’s Alexa to play our favorite song and Apple’s Siri to tell us the weather forecast. What if the same kind of system could walk technicians through a preventative maintenance program

Daimler Trucks North America announces Freightliner Electric Innovation Fleet partners

Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) announced that Penske Truck Leasing and NFI have agreed to partner in operating the Freightliner Electric Innovation Fleet of eCascadia heavy-duty trucks and eM2 106 medium-duty trucks. The move is the next phase of a co-creation process that DTNA is utilizing to actively involve customers in the development of commercial

Penske Truck Leasing completes millionth voice-directed preventive maintenance inspection

Penske Truck Leasing has successfully completed its 1 millionth voice-directed preventive maintenance inspection using its recently deployed  paperless technology. Over the last year, Penske implemented its voice-directed preventive maintenance processes for its fleet of more than 270,000 vehicles. This approach improves inspection and repair accuracy and consistency while also eliminating paperwork and ensuring full documentation

Penske Truck Leasing digitizes truck fleet preventive maintenance processes

Penske Truck Leasing announced that it has implemented fully digital and voice-directed truck fleet preventive maintenance processes for its fleet of more than 266,000 vehicles. According to Penske, this digital preventive maintenance approach improves accuracy and consistency while also reducing and eliminating paperwork, and ensuring documentation and compliance with regulations. “Our approach uniquely positions Penske

Penske Logistics wins PPG Excellent Supplier Award

  Penske Logistics has been selected as a winner of PPG’s 2016 Excellent Supplier Award. Cited for superior performance, Penske Logistics is one of nine winners and the only supply chain company to be honored. “I want to congratulate Penske Logistics on achieving the 2016 PPG Excellent Supplier Award,” said Karen Barkac, PPG’s global director of

Making things easier for fleets looking for telematics solutions

Life in the technological age can be confusing. With all the benefits that access to technology provides for us—and they are innumerable—the choices we have can be overwhelming. These infinite choices can make choosing a place to eat a daunting task, let alone choosing the right technology solution for your fleet. With this in mind,

Penske launches a mobile-friendly website

Penske Truck Leasing has launched a new, updated website that is newly optimized for users of mobile devices. According to the company, fleet operators who visit the new site will find a wealth of resources about the options and benefits available through leasing, including how to reduce risk, manage costs, operate efficiently, remain in compliance

Three reasons to lease your trucks

Ever-evolving truck technology. Increasing efficiency requirements and goals. Meeting uptime demands. Maintaining proper maintenance procedures. There are a myriad of gears turning in a fleet manager’s world. Any cog in the fleet management machine left unchecked, unintegrated and unoptimized can mean the difference between fleet success and failure. When faced with such a daunting task

Penske launches new truck rental website

Penske Truck Rental has launched a new website with expanded mobile capabilities, enabling businesses to reserve trucks and customers to purchase supplies using their smartphones. The new offers the ability to make commercial truck reservations from mobile devices, the ability to purchase boxes, moving supplies and additional services from mobile devices, and mobile-friendly features such

Penske introduces website for finding alternative fuel stations

Penske Truck Leasing has created a website,, to assist the transportation industry with identifying publicly accessible fueling stations for heavy-duty alternative fueled vehicles in the United States and Canada. The stations listed can provide trucks with either compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel. “We created this tool to assist fleets

Heavy-duty truck leasing primer

The ability to lease vehicles adds flexibility, not only because it increases equipment in boom times, but also because it helps fleet control capital investment. With this in mind, Fleet Equipment asked three of the top leasing companies to outline the features and benefits of the programs they offer. Choosing your lease package Joe Gallick,

Penske Yellow Sleeper 3688
Fuel efficiency options: Looking to application to inform your specs

“With the cost of equipment today, typically one of the first questions raised by our full service lease customers is about fuel efficient specifications,” says Paul Rosa, senior vice president of procurement and fleet planning at Penske Truck Leasing. “Customers always weigh the idea of whether or not a spec is the right fit for

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