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Double Coin announces new original equipment, national account manager

In his most recent role, Tim Kelly was a national fleet manager for Bridgestone and has held multiple roles in the field.

Tim Kelly Double Coin
Southeastern Freight Lines recognized with PeopleNet Ovation Award

Regional LTL transportation services company Southeastern Freight Lines has been awarded the 2018 PeopleNet Ovation Award in the Data Master category. Previously known as the Innovator of the Year awards, the in.sight Ovation Awards celebrate PeopleNet customers who are driving innovation in the transportation industry. Southeastern was recognized within the Data Master category for the

Technology in the world of truck tires

Technology is taking over the trucking industry. That much is clear across every aspect of the truck—from the state-of-the-art features of the engine to the tracking software that lets you know where your trailer is at all times. Naturally, it’s true for the tires as well. It might not be the most immediate area you

PeopleNet releases new in-cab display

PeopleNet has released the PeopleNet Display.5 (PD.5), an Android-powered fixed-mount in-cab display. The PeopleNet Display.5 gives customers the option to implement a ruggedized display that enables them to comply with the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate as well as leverage other applications such as navigation and in-cab scanning. Through PeopleNet’s Managed Mobility service, fleets can

Not too high, not too low: The importance of keeping your truck tire inflation levels just right

A fleet manager’s job is focused on the little things. A tenth of an MPG here, an extended maintenance cycle there—across a fleet, these seemingly small points can add up to significant profits. The same goes for truck tire inflation: a few PSI in the right direction can go a long way, while a few

Driving from a distance: The potential of remote piloting as a solution to the driver shortage

Now that we’ve moved past wondering whether the future includes automated trucks, it’s time to drill down to the specifics of what this will look like when these automated trucks are on the road. The initial automated trucks we see on the road will likely be Level 3 or 4—which are mostly autonomous but still

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PeopleNet integrates with Drivewyze on Android platform

PeopleNet announced the availability of the Drivewyze PreClear Weigh Station Bypass App on the PeopleNet Android platform. Drivewyze offers bypass opportunities at almost 700 locations in nearly every state in the continental U.S. and in the Canadian province of Alberta. The Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass application will come pre-loaded on PeopleNet Android devices, including

Drivewyze PreClear now available on PeopleNet
Three steps to ELD implementation on the eve of out-of-service enforcement

The Dec. 18, 2017, effective date for the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate has come and gone, but fleets are beginning to realize that it didn’t mark the end of the ELD saga—it was the beginning of a new ELD era. The next mile marker on the road toward the mandatory use deadline is April

PeopleNet introduces Video Intelligence Mobile app

PeopleNet has announced the release of Video Intelligence Mobile, a web-based companion app of its Video Intelligence solution. Compatible with both Android and iOS-powered devices, Video Intelligence Mobile gives users the ability to view accident footage immediately, as well as easily share specific videos with others in the organization, according to PeopleNet. Video Intelligence Mobile

PeopleNet debuts ELD for Android platform

PeopleNet announced the commercial availability of its eDriver Logs Electronic Logging Device (ELD) for Android. PeopleNet’s eDriver Logs are self-certified to comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)’s Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate. According to PeopleNet, eDriver Logs connects displays and data locally to ensure that drivers can always access their log information,

How data-driven maintenance solutions can bolster the bottom line

How many of your trucks, right now, are rolling down the road with an active fault code? According to JPRO in-shop data from Noregon, it’s estimated that 92.5% of all modern trucks on the road have fault codes present on at least one ECU. “Of those, 59.7% have active faults on one of the ECUs

How data-driven telematics systems can improve your current trucks

There’s one advantage that older legacy trucks have over the latest makes and models when it comes to telematics: history. With data streaming off trucks over the past three to five years, a wealth of historical data has been collected and analyzed by telematics providers that can make service suggestions based data from all the