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How many LED lights can be out to consider a trailer light out-of-service?

Even one is too many for safety minded fleets who like to keep their trailers rolling productively.

JIT Truck Parts expands with Peterson lightning equipment offering

JIT Truck Parts has announced the addition of Peterson Manufacturing’s USA-made commercial vehicle and trailer LED lighting and wiring harness systems, into a growing category of lighting products. From OEMs to fleets to owner-operators, Peterson contributes to the industry with exterior, interior and work light LED lighting technology. The light-emitting diode (LED) lights are vibration

Peterson unveils corrosion-resistant modular harness system

Peterson Manufacturing announced its PetersonPATRIOT Modular Harness System that aims to protect wiring harness and lights from corrosion, reduce maintenance costs, and trailer downtime. PetersonPATRIOT was designed to provide a strong defense against moisture intrusion and corrosion with a modular layout to address the following harnessing applications: • Fleets that want advanced corrosion protection and

The latest lighting advancements for last-mile delivery vehicles

It’s easy for fleets and, at times, even the drivers themselves to take for granted the variety and complexity of lighting necessary to deliver goods for that final mile. Interior lights, headlights, perimeter lights, taillights, brake lights – none is less important than another, and all are necessary every day for the last-mile delivery driver.

Don’t get blinded by the light: A lighting guide for last-mile delivery vehicles

Imagine you’re on the set of Hollywood’s next big blockbuster. The media can’t stop talking about it, and you’re in the director’s chair. You’ve hired the actors and built the props; now it’s time to shoot your first scene. What’s the first word you yell to the production crew? “Lights,” of course! There is no

Peterson expands LED interior light offering with 358 Series

Peterson Manufacturing has introduced the 358 Series of LED lights, a lower-profile, flat-back bar light for surface mounting to any trailer center ceiling, sidewall or utility tool compartment. The 358 Series is patented to meet the interior lighting needs of cargo and utility bodies built with floor-to-ceiling storage systems along the sidewalls, where lights designed

Three takes on getting started with trailer telematics

The growing technology segment is getting complicated. Here are tips for navigating it.

Peterson celebrates its 75th anniversary

Founded in 1945 and owned by the Armacost family since 1956, Peterson says it has grown to a quarter-billion-dollar, multi-faceted corporation.

Trailer telematics shouldn’t be overlooked

It may still sound like a buzzword, but the fact is that fleet managers can no longer ignore telematics for their trailers.

Peterson launches pedestal-mount LED work lights

Peterson Manufacturing has released new pedestal-mount LED work lights, available in a 905 Series 3×3-inch square model and a 906 Series 3.5×5.5-inch rectangular model.

How implementing trailer tracking systems can streamline operations

With industry challenges such as driver shortages and high levels of equipment utilization, efficiently managing trailers is more critical than ever.

Where to start with trailer telematics

Fleet Equipment is here to help you along your way as you hit the next mile marker on the road to improved asset efficiency.