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Noregon hires Jon Morrison as strategic advisor

Noregon has hired Jon Morrison, previously president of WABCO Americas and now CEO of J&M Strategic Insights LLC, as a strategic advisor for Noregon Systems. In this engagement, Noregon says it will draw upon Morrison’s extensive experience in strategy development, merger and acquisitions, and strategic partnerships in the advanced vehicle technology space. Morrison was president

Trailer intelligence: How smart are today’s solutions?

Rob Phillips is a man on a mission. Since Phillips Connect announced its open-platform trailer telematics intentions, the company has been growing the intelligence that its trailer telematics offering can deliver. Now the entire trailer telematics space is evolving at a rapid rate. It’s a trajectory that mirrors tractor telematics but with its own set

Phillips Connect combats trailer cargo theft with two new products

Phillips Connect has released two new SmartLock products designed to safeguard trailer loads–the Phillips Connect SmartLock Gladhand and the SmartLock Door. The SmartLock products ensure that only authorized persons can move or unload the trailer they are attached to, and both are activated or deactivated by a digitally authenticated command completely controlled via Bluetooth LE

Phillips Connect launches wireless, on-demand cargo camera

Phillips Connect has introduced CargoVision, an interior cargo camera that captures the status of the load in real time. The 100% solar-powered Phillips Connect CargoVision camera monitors and can report the quality of the load (green = safe, red = unsafe) before the doors are open for unloading, Phillips says. The Phillips Connect CargoVision solution

Velociti, Phillips Connect partner for installation, post-sales support

Phillips Connect is partnering with Velociti for installation and post-deployment proactive technology monitoring and repair service support for its trailer telematics solutions. Once a Phillips Connect customer has chosen the smart trailer solutions right for their operation, a designated Velociti project manager will arrange for the installation of the equipment when and where convenient for

How to win the trailer utilization game with telematics

Before trailer telematics came on the scene, many fleets saw their trailers not necessarily as an asset but as a problem. Today, proactive fleets using the data gleaned from trailer telematics dashboards can actually make their trailers a real asset to their operation and bottom line rather than primarily a cost center to be managed.

EROAD adds Phillips Connect trailer, asset monitoring

EROAD and Phillips Connect announced their partnership to bring Phillips Connect devices, sensors, dashboards and reporting to EROAD’s customers. Through the partnership, EROAD says it will offer the full line of Phillips Connect devices for powered and non-powered assets, along with sensors, harnesses and accessories for monitoring of cargo status and trailer health. The partnership

Phillips Connect adds Jon Morrison as Strategic Executive

Jon Morrison, previously president of WABCO Americas and now CEO of J&M Strategic Insights LLC, has been tapped by Phillips Connect as strategic executive. In this engagement, Phillips Connect says it will draw on Morrison’s extensive experience in electronic vehicle control, electrification, vehicle telematics and advanced technologies to move Phillips Connect ahead in the smart

Phillips Connect releases ROI analysis tool for smart trailer sensors

Phillips Connect has released ROIAssist, a tool for projecting cost savings and revenue impacts that come with various smart-trailer sensors. The company says that ROIAssist provides realistic and accurate expectations for an investment in smart trailers. “Several times, we’ve had customers that request a sensor made by a specific supplier, but after plugging in their

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Trailer telematics and the ‘smart’ trailer evolution

Trailers are in a unique position. No, I don’t mean behind the tractor (hey-O!). I’m talking about the current phase of the trailer telematics evolution. While trailer telematics has mostly revolved around GPS location tracking (and that’s still important), the amount of data that trailer components are generating—from wheel ends and tires to lighting and

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Phillips Connect offers new TPMS technology with eight-year warranty

Phillips Connect has entered into an exclusive agreement with STE North America LLC for its new TPMS sensor based on Micro.sp technology. Phillips Connect says the technology’s energy consumption is 300% more efficient compared with Bluetooth and other RF technology. Phillips Connect’s first product using Micro.sp technology is its integrated tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)

Hirschbach selects Phillips Connect, ConMet smart technologies for new refrigerated trailers

Hirschbach announced that it will add Phillips Connect and ConMet smart trailer technologies to 1,200 new refrigerator trailers the fleet plans to purchase in 2021. The company says the sensor technologies chosen by Hirschbach will give them increased visibility to the health of their refrigerated trailers resulting in an increase to uptime and driver satisfaction