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PlastiKote introduces heat-resistant paint

PlastiKote’s recently introduced Hi-Temp Paint is ideal for painting areas on vehicles that are subject to extreme heat conditions. “PlastiKote Hi-Temp Paint is formulated to resist intermittent temperatures up to 1,300 degrees and is the right paint choice for engines, exhaust manifolds and headers,” said Katie Whiting, product manager, aerosols for Valspar. “Formulated to provide

PlastiKote product combats rust

PlastiKote introduced a new product—PlastiKote Rust Converter—to combat the spreading of rust on a vehicle. PlastiKote Rust Converter gets rid of rust and prepares the surface for painting, according to the company. “With winter weather upon us, any rust spot on a vehicle will only get worse if not taken care of quickly and properly,”

PlastiKote truck bed liner kit contest announced

PlastiKote will reward its Facebook fans with the opportunity to win a free PlastiKote Truck Bed Liner Kit during Fall Car Care Month in October. “If this winter is anything like last year, protecting your truck bed liner before severe weather hits is a proactive way to protect your vehicle investment,” said Katie Whiting, product

PlastiKote introduces new premium primers

Two new primers have been added to PlastiKote‘s line of premium primers. PlastiKote Premium Primer is a non-sanding primer that helps improve adhesion, fills in imperfections and improves the overall appearance of the top coat. It can be used either inside or outside and helps increase rust prevention. PlastiKote Sandable Primer provides strong adhesion and

PlastiKote introduces Engine Enamel

PlastiKote introduced its Engine Enamel product—an easy-to-use and extremely rugged, high heat-resistant finish paint product, said the company. “PlastiKote Engine Enamel is the only choice for engine restorations and similar applications where a tough, high-heat finish is required,” said Katie Whiting, product manager, aerosols for Valspar. “We have a wide array of color choices and

Engine Enamel by PlastiKote
How to paint your truck bed liner

After the recent harsh winter weather, many truck owners will notice wear and tear on their vehicles. One area that may be particularly hard hit from the elements is the truck bed. Repairing or replacing a damaged truck bed can be an expensive proposition. However, by painting the bed liner, truck owners will give it

2012 Ford F-150 XLT
PlastiKote Premium Fluorescent aerosols aim for high visibility

PlastiKote Premium Fluorescent aerosols are the ideal paints for any job that calls for intense and brilliant colors, said the company. PlastiKote Premium Fluorescent paints are available in five colors: Stop Light Red (FL-6), Go Green (FL-7), Pink (FL-8), Caution Orange (FL-9) and Yellow (FL-10). The company suggests that these durable aerosols are effective for use

PlastiKote high visibility premium fluorescent aerosols
New PlastiKote catalog available online

The new PlastiKote product catalog is now available online, providing customers with information on the complete line of  PlastiKote automotive aerosol paints and coatings. “We have updated our catalog to provide PlastiKote customers with more detailed information to help them choose the right product for ‘The Perfect Finish’ every time,” said Katie Whiting, product manager

PlastiKote Rust Converter transforms rust to paintable surface

PlastiKote Rust Converter repairs rust spots on vehicles before painting, the company reported. “PlastiKote Rust Converter is the preferred choice for treating rust spots on vehicles so they are in perfect condition for painting,” said Katie Whiting, product manager, aerosols for Valspar. “With PlastiKote Rust Converter, there is no bubbling or foaming when applying and

PlastiKote RustConverter-16-8oz
PlastiKote introduces Metal Flake Paint

For fleets that want to give vehicles a multidimensional metallic look, Valspar is offering its PlastiKote Metal Flake Paint. “This paint is ideal for those who want to use a metallic finish that will really stand out,” said Katie Whiting, product manager, aerosols for Valspar. “Easy to apply, quick to dry and clean to use,

PlastiKote Metal Flake Paint