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PPG launches AdjustRite Repair Management tool

The company says the newest feature of the PPG AdjustRite commercial estimating system can enhance productivity for vehicle repairs.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Electronic Collision Repair Estimating

Automated systems deliver a truckload of benefits for today’s fleets Commercial transport vehicles have become increasingly advanced over the past decade. Innovations in areas of fleet management technology, advanced driver assist systems and telematics have made fleets safer, more efficient and more cost effective to maintain—all of which help fleets maximize vehicle uptime. But what

Expediting Collision Repairs with Electronic Estimating

AUTOMATED SYSTEMS CAN INCREASE ACCURACY, DECREASE DOWNTIME The top priority for any fleet operation or commercial equipment repair center is to keep vehicles where they belong—on the road. Routine scheduled maintenance will go a long way in achieving this goal, but when an accident occurs and takes a commercial vehicle out of action, getting it

PPG announces commercial coatings training schedule

PPG has released its schedule of commercial coatings training classes for the rest of 2017. Courses specifically designed for the PPG Delfleet Essential and Delfleet Evolution brands and their use on commercial vehicles are held across North America at PPG Business Development Centers and various additional field locations. PPG commercial coatings classes take one to

Collision repair estimating for fleets

No one wants a truck out of commission. It’s one thing when scheduled maintenance sidelines a truck—a good fleet manager is ready for that—but when a collision or unexpected mechanical breakdown puts a truck on the disabled list, it’s often a scramble to get that truck rolling again. Not every fleet operation has its own

PPG’s AdjustRite now includes LKQ Corp.

PPG has expanded its AdjustRite commercial estimating system Commercial Parts Listing Program with the addition of LKQ Corp. to its supplier data base. LKQ is a provider of alternative and specialty parts for the repair of trucks, automobiles and other vehicles. The Commercial Parts Listing Program allows suppliers to post their parts catalogues and inventories

Proper paint protection: Ensuring your trucks’ paint and finish protect and shine

Today’s truck components are infused with the latest technology and advanced features, and the paints and finishes that coat your truck are no exception. According to J.J. Wirth, brand manager of the fleet segment for the U.S. and Canada with PPG, the three major areas that have seen the latest advancements and formulations are corrosion

Penske Logistics wins PPG Excellent Supplier Award

  Penske Logistics has been selected as a winner of PPG’s 2016 Excellent Supplier Award. Cited for superior performance, Penske Logistics is one of nine winners and the only supply chain company to be honored. “I want to congratulate Penske Logistics on achieving the 2016 PPG Excellent Supplier Award,” said Karen Barkac, PPG’s global director of

PPG introduces AdjustRite commercial parts listing program

PPG has expanded the capabilities of its AdjustRite commercial estimating system with the introduction of a commercial parts listing component. The new web-based service, the AdjustRite Commercial Parts Listing Program, is designed to let suppliers post their parts catalogues and inventories online, in turn allowing fleets, repair facilities, insurers and claims personnel to check on

PPG expands Delfleet Evolution low VOC epoxy primer offerings

PPG Commercial Coatings has added F4921WH–2.1 White Epoxy Primer and F4921BK–2.1 Black Epoxy Primer to the popular Delfleet Evolution premium commercial paint system. Similar to the F4921 Gray Epoxy Primer PPG introduced in June 2015, F4921WH and F4921BK are compatible with Delfleet Evolution basecoats and single-stage topcoats. The new primers are can be matched with

Paints and primers that protect your truck for the long haul

People judge a book by a cover. It happens. First impressions matter and the same goes for fleets: Customers may judge your service based on your trucks’ finishes. Beyond that, corrosion is a big culprit in undermining the longevity of your equipment. So let’s start at the finish. “There are two reasons to refinish a

PPG highlights new low-impact rust, mill scale remover

PPG Commercial Coatings has added CFX744 CORROKLEEN 44 rust remover to its OneChoice Commercial universal ancillary brand. The new addition is an environmentally friendly, low-impact citric acid gel cleaner that serves as an alternative to traditional grinding, sanding, media blasting or harsh chemical methods for the removal of rust and mill scale. Don’t miss our truck