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Geotab Data Connector integrates AI predictive safety, benchmarking capabilities

Geotab has now incorporated advanced AI-powered predictive safety and benchmarking capabilities into GDC.

Keep on trucking: Maintaining your fleet for optimal performance

Even the most reliable trucks need a little TLC to avoid unexpected breakdowns and downtime.

Five truck trend takeaways from (FE)bruary

The month of February can be pretty uneventful. Good thing FE has you covered with some great trucking content.

Three reasons to shift to predictive truck maintenance

Taking a predictive maintenance approach can prevent minor issues from escalating into costly repairs.

Bridgestone collaborates with Microsoft to accelerate advanced tire analytics integration 

Bridgestone Corp. recently announced a collaboration with Microsoft to use Microsoft Azure to accelerate development and go-to-market strategies in support of Bridgestone’s digital transformation and sustainable solutions portfolio. Advanced and predictive maintenance analytics deliver greater productivity and efficiency for customers. Using Azure will enable Bridgestone to create value for customers, primarily global fleet and OEM customers,

Truck stories we’re thankful for

The trucking industry has a lot to be thankful for this year. Sure, we have our share of challenges (we’re looking at you, Supply Chain), but the fact is that trucking flourished during the pandemic and came roaring out of it. While other industries were cutting hours and some even closing their doors, trucks rolled

A look at truck digital inspections and predictive maintenance

Even if the pandemic were totally eliminated, the ripple effects it is causing will be with us for a long time to come. Additionally, we do not know where the next disturbance will be coming from. Items such as lumber, chicken wings, and computer chips have suddenly been hard to find. Though the situations with

Predictive truck maintenance: What it is and how to trust it

The truck data that has been amassing over the years from all of the connected trucks on the road has made predictive truck maintenance based on probabilities is a near reality. But it’s not enough to just predict the event — you want to be able to act on it. What if you could catch

Predictive truck maintenance: The long road from concept to reality

Predictive maintenance is a practice that has captivated the trucking industry for years. The concept is simple: Rather than performing maintenance and repairs as a reaction to a malfunction, or based on intervals such as time or mileage, maintenance occurs when an algorithm predicts an impending failure. Though the idea is simple, the execution is

The reality of predictive truck maintenance

Predictive truck maintenance technology is already here. The problem is, you probably aren’t ready for it. That’s according to Pete Russo, senior vice president of innovation and strategy, Decisiv. So what’s holding you back? In short, operations; the ability act upon the information or to tailor the data to your specific fleet. Maintenance data has

The reality of predictive truck maintenance Decisiv
Working with truck technology providers to build decision-making confidence

The fleet management technology community has evolved to the point where it’s much like working with OEMs and hard-part equipment suppliers. There are specific data applications, custom built, to solve specific problems. Software solutions to help you boost equipment efficiency and productivity. And the biggest similarity to how you have always worked with your equipment

Working with truck technology providers to build decision-making confidence Clear Object
TMW Systems introduces predictive maintenance analytics

TMW Systems has introduced a new predictive maintenance application, TMT Predict.Fault Code, which enables fleet professionals to anticipate and address potential vehicle breakdowns and other unscheduled service needs before they occur. The new application is the first tool to be offered under the company’s new TMT Predict Series of maintenance analytics solutions. The TMT Predict.Fault