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Prestolite Electric debuts new experience

Prestolite Electric and its Leece-Neville Heavy Duty Systems brand has debuted a new website designed for access on any mobile device or tablet to find product content, interchange data and online parts catalogs, and educational resources for heavy duty distributors and service professionals. The company’s e-catalog, enhanced content and technical documentation are packaged inside

IdlePro Extreme 350-, 420 amp alternators offered on Blue Bird rear engine diesel, CNG school buses

Prestolite Electric has been awarded standard position by Blue Bird o supply IdlePro Extreme alternators from Leece-Neville Heavy Duty Systems. Blue Bird All American rear engine (RE) diesel and CNG-powered school buses will be offered with IdlePro Extreme 350- and 420-amp alternators as standard and optional equipment for models utilizing a Cummins 2021 engine. The

Prestolite releases IdlePro alternator, PowerPro Extreme 5 starter

Prestolite has introduced the Leece-Neville Heavy Duty Systems IdlePro alternator and PowerPro Extreme 5 starter. According to the company, features of the IdlePro alternators include: 12V, 210- and 240-amp outputs available in a dual internal fan design; Minimum of 63% of a unit’s rated maximum output at engine idle (for certain applications); Remote Sense capable

Understanding the misunderstood alternator

Most alternators today are more durable than ever. So why are so many alternators failing? Or, are they really failing?

Building a smarter alternator

In the past 15 or 20 years, as fleets began facing stricter legislative and power requirement changes in their trucks, the OEMs in turn began facing demands to produce higher-quality alternators that could meet these standards. “So, what they’ve demanded from us is higher efficiency and lower cost,” says Clive Harley, vice president of engineering

Prestolite Electric releases Leece-Nevile M93, M97 6kW starters

Prestolite Electric has expanded its portfolio of starters with the introduction of Leece-Neville M93 and M97 24V 6kW starters, which the company says are designed to provide power for a variety of medium-duty and heavy-duty applications, as well as off-highway vehicles and buses. Prestolite says features and benefits of the new starters include: 10- and

Prestolite Electric to begin production on new alternator line

Prestolite Electric will begin producing a new line of Leece-Neville IdlePro Extreme 24V 600- and 680-amp brushless alternators later this year at its manufacturing facility in Arcade, N.Y. The new production line is being added due to increasing demand from several North American customers, the company says. The company says Leece-Neville IdlePro Extreme 24V 600-

Combating cold weather electrical issues

Proper preventive maintenance can go a long way toward eliminating battery and other electrical issues.

Prestolite introduces PowerPro Extreme 5 Starters for Detroit Diesel DD5 5.1L, DD8 7.7L engines

New Leece-Neville PowerPro Extreme starter motors are available for Detroit Diesel DD5 5.1L and DD8 7.7L engine models and are the latest in rotating electrical products released from Prestolite Electric.

Why the wrong truck alternator could lead to unwanted downtime

The modern commercial diesel engine relies on precise, reliable flows of fuel, air and coolant to do its job. What you don’t want flowing through your engine, however, is stray electrical current that can quickly destroy internal components and wreak havoc on sophisticated electronics. These stray amps are coming from computer-controlled direct injection to driver-assist

The lowdown on engine components

A growing trend when it comes to engine oil is that many fleets are employing extended oil drain intervals for their trucks. This can be a time- and cost-saving practice, but only if your trucks are in an application that supports extended oil drain intervals. If it does end up being a smart move to go with extended oil drain intervals, know that your filtration system can handle it.

Prestolite Electric launches VIN lookup and eCatalog website

Prestolite Electric has launches a new VIN lookup and eCatalog website for heavy-duty applications. “This new website makes it easy for users to look up parts by VIN or quickly narrow down results for replacement starters and alternators using a variety of search terms and categories,”  said Jonathan Smith, assistant director of aftermarket sales and marketing