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Quantum Technologies releases new Q-Cab 180 DGE

Quantum Technologies has announced the release of a new product, the Q-Cab 180 DGE. Quantum claims that this new back of the cab CNG system has the highest fuel capacity in the industry. According to the company, these are the benefits of the new Q-Cab 180 DGE: * Available in 160 DGE and 180 DGE *

Ongoing commitment: UPS, partners continue deployment of alternative fueled vehicles

Behind the recent announcement that UPS plans to build 15 compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations is that the company is also planning to deploy 1,400 new CNG vehicles over the next year. The purchase represents a nearly 30% increase in UPS’s alternative fuel fleet of 5,088 vehicles worldwide. In the United States, UPS plans to

UPS Alternative fuel vehicles deployed