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Keep refrigerated cargo safe

Salmonella-tainted eggs may have been the food safety headline of 2010, but in actuality, the FDA issued more than 330 food safety-related recalls, warnings and advisories last year on items from nearly every aisle of the supermarket. "Whenever there is a large food recall in the news, it can serve as a reminder of the

Optimize fleet maintenance, sustainability with new reefer technology

Refrigerated haulers grapple with high fuel costs, increased regulations and other challenges, but there is a new reefer technology that offers help.

Refrigerated trucking trends & regulations

Some of the most recent truck and trailer refrigeration unit trends offer fleets greater flexibility and cost savings.

Diesel-electric hybrid reefers

In the pursuit to make refrigerated truck transport cleaner and greener, diesel-electric hybrid is emerging as a leading technology. Despite the promise these systems offer, though, their widespread adoption in the market hinges on a scenario best described as chicken-and-egg. The technology is not particularly new. Diesel-electric hybrid reefers have been used in Europe for

Reflective reefers

How to avoid the effects of the sun’s heat on temperature-sensitive trailer loads.

Reefer roundup

A look at new products and technologies introduced at the Mid-America Trucking Show

Telematics and remote control

Reefers relay increasingly more valuable information to fleets related to temperature sensitive loads

Corrosion protection

aluminum flatbed, dump and transfer trailers. It’s a return ground system (versus the traditional chassis-ground system) eliminating the poor connections that can occur between body, chassis and tractor fifth wheel. Great Dane Trailers—CorroGuard, introduced in 2007, is designed to fully protect the underbody components of trailers. This is a thermoplastic coating that’s sprayed on suspensions

Less trailer weight, more profit

Trucking is a business with razor thin profit margins, where any gains in efficiency can mean the difference between profit and loss. In this type of environment, equipment manufacturers continually strive to develop products that offer both greater capacity and less weight. This is always a tricky balancing act – but especially so for companies

New reefer cooling units and CARB, SmartWay updates

There are self-contained refrigerated, freezer, cryogenic and combination refrigerator-freezer shipping and storage systems specifically designed to add another temperature section to an existing refrigerated vehicl

CARB delays ATCM,TRU enforcement

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has delayed, once again, the initial compliance deadline for its Airborne Toxic Control Measure