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Sun Power introduces anti-idling system

Sun Power Technologies launched its self contained ECO-AIR 12-volt anti-idling system. The system is designed to deliver 10,000 BTU of cooling capacity per hour for eight to12 hours without using any of the truck’s power sources.

Thermo King launches cargo heater kit, power pack

Thermo King introduced two new products through its aftermarket division – the E-28 Cargo Heater Kit and the EON Power Pack.  The E-28 Cargo Heater Kit protects perishables from cold temperatures without using engine heat, saving fuel and engine wear, the company said. The E-28 features high volume heat output, high airflow for even heat distribution, electronically controlled temperature regulation and a corrosion-resistant painted aluminum enclosure. The kit includes an Espar D8 fuel-fired heater, weatherproof thermostat enclosure, wiring to truck electrical system and fuel pump with hoses.

Thermo King launches Spectrum temperature system

Thermo King launched the Spectrum SB Multi-Temperature System with SmartReefer2 (SR-2) controller for trailers. It is designed to offer advanced cargo protection, reduced maintenance, ease of use and environmental responsibility.

Cooling Cost Control

If you expect the cost of diesel fuel to come down soon and your refrigerated freight can wait until it does, or if your fleet has enough money available that it doesn’t matter how much it spends on fuel to run your reefers, you can skip this article. If, however, you, like most, don’t expect fuel prices to ever come down to the levels of the recent past – or even stabilize in our lifetime – then fuel economy is likely a high priority for you.

Modine offers idle reduction system

Modine Manufacturing Co., a designer and developer of heating and cooling solutions for a diversified group of markets including truck, construction, agriculture, industrial, and automotive, unveiled a new fuel cell product that will reduce emissions and cut costs for over-the-road truck drivers, the company said.

Thermo King announces rebate program

Thermo King offers the Thermo King Summer Instant Rebate Program.

Thermo King offers new refrigeration unit

Thermo King Corp. introduced the MD-100 refrigeration unit for trucks.

Carrier Transicold introduces warning system

Using super-bright light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for exceptional visibility and minimal maintenance, a new external status indicator for trailer refrigeration systems was introduced by Carrier Transicold, a business unit of United Technologies Corp. 

Thermo King trailers offer environmentally friendly solutions

Thermo King is engineering its newest trailer units, including the SB series single- and multi-temp units, to offer a low life cycle cost while delivering maximum performance with less impact on the environment.

Creature comfort, no idling

With the high cost of diesel fuel and the growing number of states and municipalities that are enacting anti-idling laws, auxiliary power units (APUs) are more popular than ever.

Cooling Systems: Problems & Solutions

Some while back, Bob Deierlein, our long-time research editor, wrote an article on cooling systems. In that article, he referenced some maintenance records of a large over-the-road fleet, which indicated that a substantial percentage of the fleet’s engine problems could be traced back to the condition of the truck’s cooling system. We published that article more than 20 years ago.