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Goodyear unveils two RangeMax tires deisgned for regional work

Goodyear says the new tire models balance traction, range and mileage for work vehicles running on electricity, gas or diesel.

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Yokohama announces commercial tire size expansions

The two tire models are intended for regional duty, with one being approved for severe snow service.

Goodyear adds regional haul trailer tire to Cooper Work Series line

Available in eight different sizes, the new Cooper Work Series RHT 2 is built for regional haul spread axle and tandem trailers.

Yokohama Tire’s 121T regional trailer tire now on sale

Yokohama Tire’s latest commercial product – the 121T – is now on sale in the U.S. The 121T is specifically engineered for trailer use only. The new tire is severe snow service-rated in all weather conditions and is offered in sizes 215/75R17.5 and 235/75R17.5. Benefits of the 121T, according to the tire maker, include: • The

How next gen electric trucks boost range, application suitability

EV range anxiety is a thing. With the first generation of electric trucks on the road, working in real-world applications, the anticipated approximate 150 mile range makes more than a few pause and take notice of the equipment’s limitations. Yet, when Volvo Trucks North America announced that the next generation Volvo VNR Electric model, which

Yokohama Tire launches new drive tire

Yokohama Tire has added a new commercial tire to its continually expanding lineup: the 720R. The 720R is a 19.5-inch, N-speed-rated drive tire which is engineered specifically for pickup trucks and last-mile delivery operations, according to Tom Clauer, Yokohama’s senior manager of commercial product planning. The tire is offered in a 225/70R/19.5 size and is

Five electric truck questions with Manhattan Beer Distributors

If you’ve ever been in New York City and purchased a beer from a bar, restaurant or similar establishment, there is a sizable chance that it got there by way of Manhattan Beer Distributors. The New York fleet services all of metro New York City with its 400 trucks, delivering 45 million cases of beer

Watch: What tires will work best for regional-haul trucks?

All trucks are not created equal – and neither are truck tires. The wrong tire used for the wrong application can easily set you way back, damaging both your productivity and your ROI. Trucks in regional-haul applications, for example, need to be spec’d with the right tires to handle the job. In these tires, durability

Hercules Tires talks local support for last-mile delivery, regional-haul

Tire management is a fleet managing fundamental—and that’s true regardless of the fleet size. The trick is finding the tire management strategy that’s right for your application, which can be a moving target in the quickly evolving last-mile delivery segment, where light-duty vans roam suburban streets. It’s populated by both established fleets who are diversifying

Hercules Tires talks local support for last-mile delivery 1400
Answering electric truck questions with Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks North America has spent the better part of the past two years learning what it takes to run electric trucks through its LIGHTS program–a partnership between the Volvo Group, California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), and industry leaders in transportation and electrical charging infrastructure. So when the OEM announced that orders

NACFE’s Run on Less Electric will begin in September

The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) and Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) will be conducting Run on Less – Electric (RoL-E), an electric truck technology demonstration, in 2021. Leading up to and throughout the run, NACFE will showcase electric trucks in everyday operation and the actions needed to accelerate their adoption. The actual Run

Podcast: Volvo Trucks on the growth of regional haul trucking

One of the major trends of the last few years in the trucking industry has been the growth of the regional haul segment. Bolstered by factors ranging from the driver shortage to the growth of e-commerce, regional routes are becoming a larger percentage of the industry’s routes driven each year, and in 2020, this trend