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Werner Enterprises reduces downtime with its Breakdown Management solution

In March of 2020, Werner Enterprises Inc. launched Breakdown Management, a cloud-based solution that the carrier says simplifies repair processes and reduces downtime. Breakdown Management was developed by Werner EDGE, the innovation arm of Werner Enterprises, to advance the fleet’s performance. The in-cab, tablet-based solutions leverage on-board telematics for to support operations, safety and maintenance.

Three ways telematics can reduce truck fleet maintenance costs

There are a few variables to look at when calculating the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your vehicles, including acquisition cost, operating costs, depreciation and more. However, the one variable that carries some of the largest cost is maintenance. Maintenance cost will increase during a vehicle’s lifetime, ultimately affecting lifetime costs of ownership. According

Peterbilt GM Jason Skoog charts today’s truck support, tomorrow’s truck solutions

Peterbilt made headlines recently when it became the first major North American OEM to open orders for an electric truck, the Peterbilt 220EV. In this exclusive interview, Peterbilt General Manager and PACCAR Vice President Jason Skoog details the technology investments that are keeping fleets productive during this year’s trying pandemic and laying the groundwork for

Peterbilt General Manager PACCAR Technology Electric Truck
The Trucking Industry’s Guide to Cybersecurity

Hacking Experiences Nearly every one of us has a story of a hacking victim. Perhaps you felt the gut-wrenching effects of a virus that caused you to lose an important midterm paper, maybe your login credentials appeared in the latest security breach, or some of you have likely dealt with the harsh consequences of ransomware.

Inside the truck data integration: Navistar, Samsara

There have been a slew of integration announcements between OEMs and technology service providers, which sound great on digital paper, but what do they really mean? How far does the integration go? Where do you see the data? How can you, as the fleet, make the most of it? In the first of a series

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Decisiv, Cummins expand point-of-service capabilities

Decisiv Inc. announced an agreement to integrate the Cummins Guidanz suite of web-based and mobile products into the Decisiv SRM Ecosystem in support of their mutual fleet and service provider customers. With the integration of Cummins Guidanz products in the Decisiv SRM Ecosystem, fleets, managed care providers and service providers will benefit from having necessary

A fleet view of the latest truck technology

To truly take advantage of the latest truck technology, you have to do more than spec it. You have to do more than analyze it. The real key to making technology work for your trucking operation is something far more difficult: communication. You have to talk about the technology, understand its uses the same way

A fleet view of the latest truck technology Werner Enterprises
Equipment management’s place in the larger fleet management picture

Technology that connects you to your truck also connects you to those you work with, from safety managers to driver dispatch and even the back office. You’re all pulling in the same direction, and the right data integrations can make sure you’re all looking at the same digital page. All of those departments (if you’re

Equipment management place in the larger fleet management picture
Paperless truck service: The change is worth it

Change is hard. There’s no magic switch, no perfect solution that doesn’t require work and buy-in on your side to improve your fleet options. But if you know the goal you’re working toward, it’s much easier to work through the short-term hardships of change. If your truck service operation isn’t already paperless, the need to

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The reality of predictive truck maintenance

Predictive truck maintenance technology is already here. The problem is, you probably aren’t ready for it. That’s according to Pete Russo, senior vice president of innovation and strategy, Decisiv. So what’s holding you back? In short, operations; the ability act upon the information or to tailor the data to your specific fleet. Maintenance data has

The reality of predictive truck maintenance Decisiv
Working with truck technology providers to build decision-making confidence

The fleet management technology community has evolved to the point where it’s much like working with OEMs and hard-part equipment suppliers. There are specific data applications, custom built, to solve specific problems. Software solutions to help you boost equipment efficiency and productivity. And the biggest similarity to how you have always worked with your equipment

Working with truck technology providers to build decision-making confidence Clear Object
How to spot macro and micro trends in truck data

Acting on data relies on your ability to analyze the data. Sure there are a few pieces of low-hanging data fruit to pluck for early ROI such as managing overall idle time and maximizing the amount of time your trucks run in cruise control. Beyond that, you have to get specific to your operation–parse through

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