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Improving your truck shop operations when you need it most

There’s no time for downtime. In your truck service shops, you’re balancing social distancing, perhaps altered truck maintenance and technician schedules, while maintaining the highest degree of safety and service efficiency. For ideas on how to support everything that depends on your maintenance process, how to stay on top of emerging fault code trends and

Improving truck shop operations Noregon
Providing the right data to speed up truck service

The threats that will put your trucks on the side of the road haven’t changed much–brakes, lights and tires are still the main culprits, according to Dave Walters, senior solutions engineer for Trimble Transportation–but what has changed is what you can do about it. The service data streaming off of your trucks are fueling everything

Provide right data speed up truck service
Wondering how to integrate your truck data? Here are a few ideas

Integration. Five years ago that word was synonymous with powertrain components. Today, the integration trend continues, but now it’s synonymous with data. You have plenty of it streaming off of your trucks, but being able to put that data in to actionable dashboards and match it up with other data points from other solutions providers

How to act on truck telematics data, not just analyze it

Working remotely is new for much of the business world, but your trucks are always remote–rolling across the city, state or country delivering needed goods. The difference for you as the fleet manager now might be that you’re not down the hall from your dispatcher, shop manager or driver training manager. The telematics you employ

How To Act On Truck Data Verizon Connect Unscripted
Asset management ideas to meet delivery demand with Volvo Trucks

No script? No plan? No problem. Welcome to Fleet Equipment Unscripted—the video interview series that connects you with the greatest minds in the heavy-duty trucking world. Meeting customer delivery expectations is always a top trucking fleet priority, but with the Coronavirus pandemic creating huge demand for necessary supplies and the entire world watching, making on-time

Inside the new decision maker-directed over-the-air engine updates from Volvo Trucks

After the fleet manager has given permission for the updates to be pushed to the trucks, the driver can make the updates at their convenience.

Cojali USA releases new version of Jaltest diagnostics tool

Cojali USA highlights its new vehicle connectivity and diagnostics solution, Jaltest Link V9. This is the newest version of the company’s diagnostic tool, and will be available May 1. Information contained within Jaltest includes step-by-step troubleshooting trees, component replacement guides, repair times and troubleshooting by systems. Click here to read all of our TMC 2020

Trucking data as currency: What is your data worth?

An exploration of data’s value.

Trucking Data Value Currency Dollars
The next mile marker on the road to predictive truck maintenance

One of the latest indications of maintenance recommendation innovation is Volvo Trucks’ recently-announced Dynamic Maintenance. By partnering with Noregon, the new service uses existing connected technologies and data analytics, namely Volvo ASIST, combined with Noregon’s TripVision vehicle health monitoring system, to enable customized service plans to an individual-vehicle level.

Kenworth introduces over-the-air updates for newer PACCAR MX engines

Kenworth has introduced the Kenworth TruckTech+ over-the-air program, which enhances truck uptime by making it convenient for customers to load PACCAR MX engine and aftertreatment software updates beginning in December for select customers with full roll out in early 2020. Click here to read all of our NACV 2019 coverage. Kenworth Class 8 trucks equipped with

Volvo Trucks President gives a Mexican market update

During Expo Transporte held in Puebla, Mexico, Volvo Trucks North America President Peter Voorhoeve provided a Mexican market update. Additionally, Mark Curri, Volvo Trucks North America senior vice president of uptime and customer support, made several technology announcements that bring telematics and remote diagnostics capabilities to Mexico.

Noregon to release mid-October update for JPRO Professional

Noregon has revealed details about the third major update of 2019 for JPRO Professional, which will be available mid-October at no additional cost to active subscribers.