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Booster expands renewable diesel product offering in California

Booster has expanded its renewable diesel product offering to three new markets in California. The move enables nearly 50 Booster-fueled fleets in Sacramento, San Jose and San Diego — totalling nearly 1,000 fleet vehicles serviced daily — to slash their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by up to 70%, Booster says. With the addition of these

Chevron completes acquisition of Renewable Energy Group (REG)

Chevron Corporation recently completed its acquisition of Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (REG) following approval by REG stockholders. “We have brought together companies with complementary capabilities, assets, and customer relationships to make Chevron one of the leading renewable fuels companies in the United States,” said Mark Nelson, executive vice president of Downstream & Chemicals for Chevron.  “Chevron now

Renewable Energy Group launches branded bio-diesel fuel product line

Renewable Energy Group Inc. (REG), a bio-based diesel producer in North America, announced the introduction of a line of branded fuel solutions, EnDura Fuels. This branded product launch supports Renewable Energy Group’s ongoing efforts to help the transport industry meet its sustainability and business growth objectives, while strengthening the Company’s position in the marketplace. The

What fleets need to know about B100 biodiesel

Biodiesel is a sustainable fuel that has grown in popularity as a cleaner-burning alternative to petroleum diesel. It’s made from renewable resources that would otherwise have no further use, including recycled cooking oil, waste animal fats and vegetable oils. In most cases, it’s blended with petroleum diesel. For example, a common blend is called “B20,”

Booster converts nearly 1,200 diesel vehicles to renewable fuel in first month

Booster has converted more than 90 of its diesel customers with close to 1,200 vehicles to renewable fuels within the first month of its decarbonization initiative. This move will help Booster’s customers cut emissions by more than 70%, saving more than 34 million pounds of carbon emissions next year, Booster says. Booster notified its fleet

Renewable Energy Group, Booster, partner to offer sustainable fuels mobile delivery

Booster, a tech-enabled energy delivery service, and Renewable Energy Group (REG), producer and provider of lower-carbon fuels, announced a partnership to provide mobile delivery of renewable diesel, biodiesel and blended fuels to fleets. The service started in California, starting with the San Francisco Bay Area and Orange County, in August and has the potential to

Tips for choosing the right cold weather fuel

It’s hard to imagine right now, but it’s actually time to start planning for the colder months that will be here before we know it. Here are the questions I hear most frequently while helping fleets make sure they have the right biodiesel blend for winter. Can I use biodiesel in the cold? The short

Alternative fuels 101: What you need to know

Fleets interested in reducing carbon emissions have more alternative fuel options than ever before. So how do you pick the right one for your operation? First, it’s important to recognize that the solution may not be a single fuel. With an integrated energy management approach, fleets can evaluate all viable fuels and pick the ones

Starting sustainability efforts with diesel engines

Nearly every time I talk with people about sustainability, I ask: Is this time different? Years ago we saw the growth of “going green,” which carried a hefty price tag for environmentally conscious decisions. The difference this time around isn’t just the improvement in electrification technology—it’s the attention sustainability is receiving throughout society. Transportation operations

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Integrated energy management: What it is and why you need it

As the evolution toward running on more than a single fuel source continues, fleets turning to alternative fuels are spurred by growing environmental regulations and sustainability plans. That’s why, rather than thinking about a straight replacement to diesel, fleets should adopt an integrated energy management (IEM) approach—a comprehensive strategy that considers all available fuel sources

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Rethinking how fuel impacts total cost of ownership

Today’s fleet owners and managers understand the importance of looking beyond purchase price and considering the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their equipment. Costs of residual value, insurance, maintenance, repairs and parts, among others, factor into the true expense of owning a vehicle. Fuel has always been a big part of that equation, but

The secret’s out: You’ve used biodiesel

A recent survey from NTEA showed that biodiesel is the most widely used alternative fuel among work truck fleets.