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Reyco Granning to provide suspensions for Forest River Bus

Reyco Granning announced a new partnership with Forrest River Bus to provide its air-ride solution for the transit bus, shuttle bus and coach markets. According to Reyco Granning, its TransportMaster was designed to improve ride quality, manage body height and permit kneeling for commercial buses. Other features and benefits highlighted by the manufacturer: • Pre-plumbed air

Reyco Granning announces partnership with Newell Coach Corp.

Reyco Granning will supply suspension content to Newell Coach for the full platform of IFS, drive and tag systems. Reyco says it will also provide engineering support for planned future programs for Newell, which it recently acquired from Cush Suspensions.

Reyco Granning releases new ResponseMaster suspension variant

Reyco Granning has released a new 22K variant for its ResponseMaster to complement the existing 20,000 lb. GAWR and 24,000 lb. GAWR versions. The ResponseMaster IFS is purpose-designed for custom fire and rescue vehicle, combining refined ride and rugged design, the company says. Reyco Granning says the system increases safety and reduces response time for

Reyco Granning TransportMaster suspension expands offering to ambulances

Reyco Granning announces that its TransportMaster suspension system is now a published option for Wheeled Coach, Road Rescue, Miller, and Horton (special request) ambulance brands of REV Group. TransportMaster is a bolt-on upgrade to replace factory leaf springs on Class 3-5 Ford, Ram, GM, and EV chassis. The TransportMaster was designed to improve passenger comfort,

Reyco Granning to support former Eveley customers

Reyco Granning announced that it plans to support former Eveley customers. Reyco Granning has produced a part number cross-reference to support direct replacement of Eveley parts and systems with fully compatible Reyco Granning equivalents. The list can be found here. Additionally, Reyco Granning has developed and launched new variants of the 21B trailer suspension including a

Reyco Granning 79KB suspension available on Kenworth EVs

The Reyco Granning 79KB suspension will be the standard offering on the Kenworth K270E and K370E battery electric vehicles, the company announced. Available for Class 5 through 8 trucks, Reyco Granning says the system is available in a variety of capacities with options that include a stabilizer bar, taper leaf springs, helper springs, shock absorbers

Reyco Granning partners on a new variant of the 23AR

Reyco Granning has developed and launched a 23AR variant that has a GVWR of 42,000 lbs. and is used to transport backhoe loaders and skid steer loaders. Reyco Granning says its air-ride suspension system provides enhanced trailer performance through reduced absorbed energy, vehicle height management and additional equipment protection for this unique application. Reyco Granning

Reyco Granning releases R-Series AM

Reyco Granning has released the new R-Series AM , which combines the company’s familiar R-Series drive axle air suspension with the latest air supply module, the AirMaster. The company says the system is a turn-key bolt-on upgrade to replace the factory leaf spring suspension on shuttle bus, ambulance, RV and work truck applications with Ford,

Your go-to tractor, trailer suspension inspection and maintenance guide

Legally, you are required to inspect your tractor and trailer suspension systems annually, but running a safe and productive fleet demands more than a once-a-year suspension check.

Tractors and trailers: How does suspension maintenance differ?

Proper tractor and trailer suspension inspection is more a question of your team’s focus.

Reyco Granning adds new coating to suspensions

The company says the coating will improve corrosion resistance and resist chipping, scratching and gravel damage seen on truck and trailer underbodies.

Reyco Granning releases new weight variant for 102AR HD suspension

Reyco Granning releases a new 35,000 lb. gross axle weight rating (GAWR) version of their 102AR-HD suspension. This increases the capacity range of the 102AR-HD family from the 27,000 lb. variant that was released last year. It also acts as an air suspension upgrade compliment to the 79KB leaf spring suspension that was already available in 27,000 and 35,000 lb. capacities.