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Reyco Granning develops suspension for electric vehicles

Reyco Granning Electric Vehicle Solutions (RGevs) has released a new drive axle air suspension for the commercial electric vehicle market.

Reyco Granning launches new electric vehicle-focused business unit

Reyco Granning LLC has announced the launch of RG EVs, a new electric vehicle solutions business unit. “RG EVs cements our commitment to the future of heavy vehicle propulsion,” said John Stuart, Reyco Granning’s president. “We want the industry to know that we already have solutions that are compatible with e-axles and available today for

Reyco Granning introduces ComfortMaster line of suspensions

Reyco Granning has introduced the ComfortMaster line of independent front suspensions (IFS). The first two platform variants will be based on 17,000-lb. GAWR and 20,000-lb. GAWR systems, and will be available for shipment in November. The company says that additional capacities are in development and new configurations will follow. According to Reyco Granning, the new

Riding on air: The application benefits of air ride suspensions

Suspensions have a job that is both difficult and crucial. Think of them like the spine of the vehicle, supporting both the handling and the ride quality, keeping cargo in good shape while making sure the driver is shielded from the harshest bumps on the road. The importance of this component cannot be overlooked. There

Saving fuel, improving efficiency with lift axles

Lift axles, so named for the attached air bags or springs that lift the axle off the road’s surface when it is not needed, are becoming an increasingly popular option for fleets. Lift axles can be mounted on either the truck or the trailer, and promise fuel and tire savings since the axle is only

How bridge formula laws impact lift axle design

One important aspect affecting the spec’ing of lift axles is the Bridge Formula, which was created by the federal government in order to keep bridges from becoming too overloaded. This federal law states that two or more consecutive axles may not exceed the weight computed by the Bridge Formula even though single axles, tandem axles

Reyco Granning introduces LiftMaster axles

Reyco Granning has introduced a new auxiliary lift axle family called the LiftMaster. The axle family includes the ALAP-13 (PS) steerable and ALAP-13 (NS) non-steerable models. These new models are designed for the heavy duty class 7 and 8 market and are rated at 13,200 lb. capacity. The new models take the place of previous Reyco

Spec’ing the proper suspension support

A range of factors impact air suspension design, notes Reyco Granning’s vice president of Engineering, John Stuart. “One requirement showing no signs of diminishing is the ever-present demand for weight reduction,” he says. “If you had told me 10 years ago that the market required a 1,300-lb. slider air suspension, I would have said it

Remy showcases lineup of alternators and starters

Marcos Naby with Remy International Inc. showed off the company’s line of alternators and starters at the 2015 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky. Click here for FE Video coverage from the show.

Reyco Granning details sliding tandem suspension

Joe Gallo with Reyco Granning detailed Recyo’s DM400 sliding tandem suspension at the 2015 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky. Click here for FE Video coverage from the show.

Reyco Granning highlights sliding suspension at MATS 2015

Reyco Granning gives Fleet Equipment an inside look at its trailer air ride sliding suspension during the 2015 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky. Stay tuned for more FE Video coverage and more news from the show.