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Finding benefits in leasing and outsourced truck maintenance services

Uptime is always driven by a strong maintenance program, notes Steve Zaborowski, senior vice president at XTRA Lease. “Our customers need to manage trucks, freight and drivers, so we’re focused on providing different types of services to keep them up and running,” he says. “Especially as we add trailers to our fleet, that means being

Three reasons to lease your trucks

Ever-evolving truck technology. Increasing efficiency requirements and goals. Meeting uptime demands. Maintaining proper maintenance procedures. There are a myriad of gears turning in a fleet manager’s world. Any cog in the fleet management machine left unchecked, unintegrated and unoptimized can mean the difference between fleet success and failure. When faced with such a daunting task

Leasing alternative fuel trucks

“Ryder offers both compressed natural gas [CNG] and liquefied natural gas [LNG] heavy-duty vehicles for lease,” says Ryder’s Vice President of Supply Management and Global Fuel Products Scott Perry. “We have seen continued interest in utilizing CNG and LNG as a replacement for diesel technology, but the level of interest is suppressed compared to two years

TCO: Knowing your numbers is smart business

You hear a lot these days about the total cost of ownership (TCO). We wanted to know how fleets are doing the math to make sure they are keeping costs in check and getting the best value out of their equipment. Determining TCO According to Darry Stuart, president and chief executive officer of DWS Fleet

The used truck conundrum

How long are you keeping your trucks? Are you looking for used trucks and having a hard time finding them? If so, you’re not alone. Fleet Advantage recently conducted a survey designed to take the pulse of truck fleet managers on topics that included equipment acquisition and disposition. The survey produced puzzling outcomes. While 70%

Used Heavy Duty Truck Generic