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Peterbilt unveils the next generation of its Model 579

Peterbilt has unveiled the next generation of its Model 579 truck. Thanks to the new design, Peterbilt touts an up to 7% fuel economy gain on a like-for-like spec basis compared to the current version. Key exterior features of the new 579 include a redesigned stronger Metton hood that is narrower and more resistant to

Ambarella introduces new camera technology with ADAS capabilities

Ambarella Inc., a camera technology maker, unveiled CV5, an artificial intelligence (AI) vision processor capable of recording 8K video or four 4K video streams. The new system on chip (SoC) will enable the development of intelligent automotive camera systems and other camera technology, the company says. For the heavy-duty industry, Ambarella says CV5 provides the

The ABCs of winter trucking prep: Controls

In the ongoing “ABCs of winter trucking prep” series of tech tips from Bendix, the “C” is for controls. “Driver assistance technologies, such as stability and collision mitigation systems, may be called upon more often in wintry road conditions, while tire pressure monitoring systems are valuable in keeping proper inflation during temperature swings,” said TJ

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Two Guys Garage tackles brake pad corrosion challenges

Downtime in the shop due to brake pads that don’t meet tough fleet demands means money lost. Spec’ing the wrong brake pad can mean corrosion can end the pad’s operational life sooner than expected. In this video from Two Guys Garage, we look at how to eliminate issues like rust, delamination and separation with NRS

Where you see DTNA’s renewed vocational focus in the Western Star 49X

When Daimler Trucks North America announced that it was reorganizing its entire organization to focus more on the application (on-highway; vocational) vs. brand (Freightliner; Western Star), the big question was: Where will we see this in the product? We now have the answer in the Western Star 49X. Fleet Equipment sat down with the Western

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Western Star unveils next-gen 49X vocational truck

Western Star introduced the 49X, its next-generation vocational truck. Underpinned by a stronger, lighter chassis and equipped with a new X-series cab, the 49X sports the new Detroit DT12 Vocational series of transmissions and Detroit Assurance suite of safety systems. “A vocational truck is a tool for a job,” said David Carson, senior vice president

Ford Transit 2020 test drive and technology test

We’re definitely off script in this episode of Unscripted. Ford dropped off a 2020 Transit, and we put it through its paces, testing out the latest technology like adaptive cruise control and lane-keep assist system. Our 2020 Transit was outfitted with the EcoBoost engine, which sports 310 HP at 5,000 RPM and 400 ft./lbs. of

Putting the brakes on poor service practices before the weather does it for you

How you service your trucks’ brakes now will determine how well they perform when the weather turns frigid. Consider this: Every year here at Fleet Equipment, the most-read story in January and February is about frozen air brake lines. Every year. That’s not a surprise to Jake Schell, associate product manager for Mitchell 1’s Commercial

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Addressing advanced driver assistance system differences

Every piece of trucking equipment has its nuances. It’s those little operational differences that add up to big fuel efficiency savings while boosting productivity. When it comes to safety, you want to make sure that the truck safety systems work how you expect them to—seat belts click, trucks stop when you apply the brakes. But

Kenworth introduces new options for T270, T370 medium-duty conventional trucks

Kenworth is offering new options for its T270 and T370 medium-duty conventional trucks. The roll-back flatbed application is now an approved body type for use with the Kenworth AG210L single-axle rear suspension on the T270 and T370. The Kenworth AG210L is a 21,000-lb. rated highway, two-bag, rear air suspension that features a proven trailing arm

Samsara, Nationwide partner to offer video telematics to commercial trucking fleets

Nationwide has partnered with Samsara to offer a new video telematics solution to excess and surplus (E&S) customers with 11 or more commercial trucks. The new partnership will allow eligible Nationwide E&S insureds to leverage Samsara’s artificial intelligence-based video telematics solutions and fleet management software in their operations at a subsidized cost. According to Samsara,

Detailing truck safety systems that protect drivers

Truck safety systems have advanced quickly to include high-tech solutions like lane-keep assistance, and it can be difficult keeping the available options straight or even understanding that different advanced driver assistance systems from different manufacturers (both OEM and suppliers) will operate differently. That last fact was from Ashley Murickan, product marketing manager with Volvo Trucks