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Samsara introduces new tools for public works fleets

Each year, state and local agencies spend more than $2.3 billion on snow and ice control operations. This winter has been particularly challenging for public works, as severe winter storms have recently swept across much of the United States.  Without accurate visibility into the location and status of their vehicles such as snowplows, it’s difficult for public works departments

Samsara ELD solution granted third-party certification in Canada

Samsara‘s electronic logging device (ELD) solution is now certified in Canada. This third-party certification confirms that Samsara’s ELD solution meets all requirements outlined by the Canadian ELD Technical Standard to comply with the country’s federal ELD mandate. While the Canadian ELD mandate went into effect in June 2021, the government has taken a progressive approach

Samsara launches Camera Connector

Samsara has released Camera Connector, a new product that connects side, rear, and interior vehicle camera feeds to Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud. By bringing cloud connectivity to third-party cameras for the first time, Samsara says Camera Connector allows organizations to leverage existing vehicle camera investments to reduce safety incidents, protect against not-at-fault claims and enhance

Truck stories we’re thankful for

The trucking industry has a lot to be thankful for this year. Sure, we have our share of challenges (we’re looking at you, Supply Chain), but the fact is that trucking flourished during the pandemic and came roaring out of it. While other industries were cutting hours and some even closing their doors, trucks rolled

Samsara research shows leaders feel magnitude of role to limit carbon emissions

Global leaders are meeting at COP26 to discuss plans to cut emissions and accelerate sustainability efforts in the public and private sectors. The world of physical operations, specifically the industrial and transportation sectors, can greatly impact sustainability progress as they consume more than 60% of energy in the United States, Samsara says. Samsara says this

Samsara data shows how A.I. helps combat the labor shortage

Samsara has released new data that the company says shows that industrial organizations are turning to data insights from technology solutions and A.I. to address the needs of a shifting workforce. Organizations across the world of physical operations, including transportation, logistics and warehousing, have been experiencing a surge in demand. Meanwhile, labor shortages in these

ATA MCE 2021: The photo gallery

Packed with truck technology, pulsing with electrified energy, the ATA MCE 2021 show wraps up a second half of 2021 trade shows that aimed to make up for lost time in 2020. And the shows delivered. Where ACT Expo offered sustainability excitement and TMC’s Fall Meeting brought us back down to a productive reality, ATA

The opportunities & operational challenges of transitioning to electric trucks

In the effort to move goods as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible, many fleets can’t help but at least be intrigued by the promises electrification claims to deliver. Electric trucks are becoming more and more popular in trucking: OEMs are developing new electric trucks, aftermarket manufacturers are making breakthroughs in electric drivetrain technology, and

Samsara, EVgo partner to accelerate the transition to EVs

Samsara has partnered with EVgo, a public fast-charging network for EVs, to help customers accelerate their transition to electric, with EVgo becoming the first electric vehicle partner on Samsara’s Experts Marketplace, which the company says is a network of trusted, certified implementation experts. As a certified partner on Samsara’s Experts Marketplace, EVgo can now serve

How to navigate progressive enforcement of the Canadian ELD Mandate

As of June 12, the Canadian ELD mandate is officially in effect. This mandate aims to increase road safety across all Canadian provinces and territories by requiring that commercial motor vehicle drivers subject to hours of service requirements in Canada use ELDs. Although this mandate was first announced back in 2019, Transport Canada’s approach to

Samsara releases fuel efficiency benchmarks report

Samsara has released its Fuel Efficiency Benchmarks Report to help fleets evaluate how their vehicles are performing across key efficiency metrics. With the data from this report, fleets can start making meaningful changes to their fuel and fleet decisions, the company says. With this report, Samsara says customers can set and track fuel efficiency goals

Samsara: Data shows the pandemic has accelerated digitalization

Samsara has released new data that the company says reveals how industrial organizations are experiencing an accelerated digital transformation, sparked by COVID-19. A recent McKinsey & Co. survey found that organizations speeded the digitalization of their customer interactions, supply chain interactions and core internal operations by three to four years, acting 20 to 25 times

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