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Samsara releases Fleet Benchmarks Report

Samsara has released the Fleet Benchmarks Report, a new report that the company says leverages Samsara’s dataset to help its fleet customers better understand fleet performance, identify areas for improvement and set informed goals. The company says the Fleet Benchmarks Report can help fleets: Understand key performance metrics with contextualized, actionable data: See how your

Koffie, Samsara partner for fleet safety, insurance

Koffie Labs, a digital insurer, has partnered with Samsara and will offer Samsara’s platform as the exclusive telematics system for its insured motor carriers. Koffie says it will provide affordable, instant and fully digital policies to motor carriers, using Samsara’s connected fleet technology to bring actionable data and insights into underwriting and loss control. Samsara

Samsara releases Site Visability cloud-based video solution

Samsara has announced its new product line: Site Visibility, a cloud-connected video management solution that brings search features, smart detection tools and proactive alerts to IP security cameras. With this new solution, Samsara expands beyond commercial fleets and industrial operations to worksites and other areas of the supply chain, the company says. Samsara says Site

Let’s get visible: Telematics and visibility are FE’s 2020 Truck Trend of the Year

Every December at Fleet Equipment we write a “Trend of the Year” piece summing up the year in trucking, and of course, in 2020 the mind immediately leaps to the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s no way around it: Between shutdowns, travel restrictions and affected businesses, the pandemic has shaped everything about this year, both in and

2021 and beyond: What truck telematics will look like in the future

Telematics and visibility may have been FE’s 2020 Trend of the Year, but the trend didn’t stop on Dec. 31. Beyond the ongoing trends outlined in that story, here are a few teasers from our group of technological experts on what technology fleets may be able to take advantage of in the next year and

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Samsara releases Workflow Builder, App Designer driver workflow tools

Samsara has launched new driver workflow tools that the company says make the Samsara Driver App more customizable for fleets, without proprietary hardware or code necessary. The company says Workflow Builder makes it easy to define, customize and publish guided workflows that help drivers minimize guesswork and comply with fleet policies. Additionally, Samsara says App

How the right driver workflow lets your drivers get to driving

Recording load and route data, checking in with dispatch, logging hours of service (HOS) (the FMCSA Final Rule change just took effect in September) … given the choice, drivers would rather be, well, driving.

The future of driver workflow is open wide

When it comes to driver retention, driver workflow technology is just as important for the fleet manager as it is to the driver. As data-gathering opportunities continue to grow, what can we expect to see from these applications in the future? According to Stephen White, senior business development manager, Class 8 market at Geotab, the

Samsara launches new remote driver safety training features

Samsara has released three new features for its AI Dash Cam, which are built to help fleets navigate the challenges associated with remotely coaching, training and engaging drivers. The three new features are: Mask Detection: Using advanced artificial intelligence, dual-facing Samsara AI Dash Cams can now automatically detect if a driver is not wearing a

Samsara: Commercial transportation data shows shift from bigger to smaller cities

Samsara recently looked at commercial transportation data from three industries that closely reflect consumer mobility—food and beverage, wholesale and retail, and transportation and warehousing—to see which cities have experienced a decrease or increase in activity. For this analysis, Samsara compared trip share per month from September 2019 to September 2020 for the top 200 cities

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Samsara releases free data tool for public sector fleets

Samsara has introduced Samsara City Insights, a free resource for government leaders to access and explore commercial mobility trends within their cities. City Insights aggregates and anonymizes data from over 15,000 fleets. The company says this data touches every aspect of fleet operations, from vehicle speeds and miles driven to fuel efficiency, engine idling, harsh

Inside the truck data integration: Navistar, Samsara

There have been a slew of integration announcements between OEMs and technology service providers, which sound great on digital paper, but what do they really mean? How far does the integration go? Where do you see the data? How can you, as the fleet, make the most of it? In the first of a series

Navistar Unscripted