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Tech Tips: 10 steps techs should take before clearing fault codes

Fault codes, also known as diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), appear when an issue is detected within your heavy-duty truck or equipment. Clearing a fault code without addressing the problem can lead to recurring issues or missed opportunities for maintenance. Therefore, it’s important to follow these ten steps before you attempt to clear a code. Make

The tools to properly diagnose truck service needs to avoid a nightmare

This Halloween, we thought we would share a tale fitting for the holiday—The Nightmare of Elm’s Fleet. Elm was a typical fleet owner. He strived for efficiency and considerable profit margins. When trucks rolled into his bays, he and his team of technicians serviced them so they were ready to roll in no time. But

OEM vs. third-party scan tools: What’s the right mix for your truck shop?

We’re taking it back to basics to talk about different scan tool options. The scan tools you have in your shop should allow you to work on all makes and models of commercial trucks and simultaneously diagnose all electronic components on a vehicle. Maintenance and repairs drive uptime, so it’s critical for technicians to be

Diagnosing codes on heavy-duty vehicles

Codes are not complex. They are set when the data from a sensor or component falls outside of the normal operating parameters. Also, codes can be set when the control module detects an implausible input or result for a given situation. This is often referred to as the “criteria” for setting the code. All codes

Autel announces commercial vehicle diagnostics tablet

Autel US introduced the MaxiSYS MS909CV Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics tablet, adding extensive hardware and software enhancements, including starting and charging system analysis software and hardware and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) calibration software for multiple vehicle classes to the Android-based touchscreen tablet with upgraded processor and memory storage. The MaxiSYS MS909CV is an advanced commercial

Slaying truck service challenges with the right software

Trucks are mighty computer-controlled, material-moving mammoths. When a monster of a monster problem rears its ugly head, it’s time for your service department to slay it and get your rolling iron back on the road. Of all the tools in your valiant technician’s quiver, the right scan tool software is one of the most important

Slaying Truck Service Scan Tool Software
Bosch introduces heavy-duty truck scan tool

Bosch has released Esitronic Truck, its first North American heavy-duty truck scan tool. Esitronic Truck covers all major heavy-duty trucks, medium-duty trucks, engine, transmission and brake system combinations with diagnostics and embedded repair information. “For years there has not been an all-encompassing tool in the heavy-duty aftermarket that gives technicians what they need—all makes/models diagnostics coverage combined