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Watch: Let’s talk data security

Data is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the trucking industry. From over-the-air updates to trailer tracking to warranty tracking to routing software, it’s helping fleets run more efficiently. But even with these benefits, it’s important to keep data security in mind. Watch the video above for more, and you can read FE’s in-depth

on the road data security
Watch: FE’s Update from the Road – Fall 2018

Live from the road, it’s Fleet Equipment! Our editors are constantly traveling to see the latest in trucking. Here are some of the highlights from the fall, including new trucks from International and Kenworth, and updates from DTNA’s president and CEO. Watch the video above for more, and click here to see past episodes of

Fall Update from the Road
Watch: Avoiding brake-related CSA citations

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s CSA violations should be an unnecessary problem, especially since they can lead to costly delays, and unexpected downtime may cause fleets to lose customers not only because of delays. After citations related to lighting problems, brakes are the second most commonly penalized item. Watch the video above for more on

Watch: Let’s talk electric trucks and electric axles

While electric trucks, in both hybrid and pure electric forms, are being built now, the biggest focus for electrification is on the future, and that applies just as much to the axles that power these trucks. After all, in an electrified powertrain, with no engine present, it’s the axle that controls the power that moves

Watch: Let’s talk aftertreatment systems

Aftertreatment systems (ATS) have led to a significant reduction in the emissions pouring from the engine. However, they’ve acquired a reputation as a thorn in fleets’ sides thanks to significant maintenance costs. Engine manufacturers are well aware of this, and newer ATS have been optimized and improved to avoid these kinds of problems. Watch the

Watch: Let’s talk tire inflation (part 2)

If you saw last week’s episode of On the Road, you know the importance of keeping your tire inflation correct—not too much, and not too little. If you didn’t see that episode, you can watch it here. Today’s tire technology offers several methods of keeping your tires at the proper level of inflation. There are

Watch: Let’s talk tire inflation (part 1)

The importance of proper tire inflation can not be overstated. Under-inflation is the biggest issue in the truck tire industry and the number one cause of premature wear-out. Under-inflated tires build up excessive heat, and this can result in a variety of negative outcomes including: poor fuel economy, irregular wear, improper vehicle handling and even

Watch: Preparing your trucks for the winter

As they’re fond of saying on a certain popular TV show, winter is coming. If your trucks run routes through an area that experiences harsh winters, you’re already well aware of this fact. So the question is: is your fleet prepared? Several components of your trucks will require attention as winter approaches, so make sure

Watch: Choosing between in-house and outsourced maintenance

Let’s talk in-house maintenance versus outsourced. It’s a decision that every fleet has to make early on, and it can be critical. So how do you make the decision? This is becoming a more complex choice thanks to new equipment options. Equipment complexity, difficulty diagnosing issues and a shortage of technicians all contribute to the

Watch: Let’s talk tire retreading

Let’s talk tire retreading. As you probably know, tires are the second-highest cost for fleets, behind fuel. And with a typical on-highway Class 8 truck running 18 wheel positions, keeping those assets in the best possible shape can be very valuable. Clearly, it’s important to have a program in place to manage the tires for

Watch: How suspensions are being affected by greenhouse gas regulations

Let’s talk suspensions—specifically, how suspensions are being affected by greenhouse gas regulations. With another round of GHG regulations coming in 2020, it’s a good idea to look ahead and see how various truck components will be affected. Obviously, engines are the most directly affected component, but suspensions aren’t far behind. The designs of suspensions made

Watch: Heavy-duty truck spec’ing tips to handle parasitic electrical loads

It’s no secret that recruiting and retaining drivers is one of the biggest challenges in the industry. Experienced, high-quality drivers is a challenge, especially on the long-haul, on-highway side of things. To make up for the fact that the job demands long hours on the road, away from family, many of today’s trucks are decked