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Watch: Let’s talk brake friction

Let’s talk brake friction. Many fleets trying to save a few dollars may decide to mix friction brands or quality between the tractor and trailer brakes; that is, to use one type of friction on the tractor and another type on the trailer, or vice versa. However, according to brake manufacturers and experts, you should

Watch: Let’s talk proper paint protection

Let’s talk proper paint protection. To start with, corrosion protection is one of the most important jobs of a truck’s paint and finish. The kind of protection you need depends on application. If your trucks run routes through areas with harsh winters, you’ll want to protect those trucks from salt and other de-icing mixtures. On

Watch: Let’s talk tire choices for 6×2 axle configurations

Let’s talk tire choices for 6×2 axle configurations. As you may recall, 6×2 axle configurations were seen as the next big thing in the trucking industry a few years back. And while the market for 6×2 configurations has not been quite what many envisioned, there is still a decent amount of interest from some fleets

Watch: Truck routing solutions and expanding your fleet’s applications

The last-mile delivery buzz is reaching a fever pitch. Consumers are demanding that more products be delivered to their front door, and instead of hauling product across the country or state and handing it off to another carrier for front-door delivery, fleets have the opportunity to invest in medium-duty trucks and finish the job themselves.

Routing Software on the Road
Watch: Tips for sharing your fleet’s data

You know all that data streaming off your truck: fault codes, efficiency data, safety data, and beyond. Yeah, you own that. It’s yours to share with anyone you like. First, a warning: Be sure whomever you decided to share your data with, be it an OEM dealer or independent service provider can transfer and keep

Watch: What to look for in truck scrap tire analysis

Digging through your out-of-service tire pile and analyzing the causes of tire failures can show a fleet maintenance manager the major causes for their tires being out of service. This could lead to changes in maintenance procedures, revisiting removal tire tread depths and a number of other countermeasures that could result in increased tire life

Watch: Matching axle spec to load demands

Let’s talk matching axle spec to load demands. When it comes to handling maximum, constant and/or diminishing loads, axle spec choices can be influenced by the amount of time spent in each load situation. Startability and gradeability come into play when discussing load situations. The more time your trucks spend in a maximum load situation

On the Road: Freightliner electric trucks; Shell Starship; ZF Lane Keep Assist Technology

Our travel schedule took the FE team across the country last month. The biggest news was the unveiling of Daimler Trucks all-electric eCascadia and eM2 medium-duty trucks, signaling an all-in approach to electrification. The eCascadia has up to 730 peak HP. The batteries provide 550 Kwh usable capacity, a range of up to 250 miles

Watch: Penske Truck Leasing’s voice-assisted service tool in action

Penske Truck Leasing recently announced it had successfully completed its 1 millionth voice-directed preventive maintenance inspection using its paperless technology. The system provides voice prompts via a headset to direct maintenance technicians through a preventive maintenance (PM) inspection. While you can read more about it in the July issue of Fleet Equipment (click here to read

Watch: Buying used trailers? Here’s what to consider

Given that new dry van orders are booked into 2019, buying a used dry van trailer is going to be your best short-term bet in getting new-to-you equipment into your fleet to capitalize on today’s increased freight demand. The first step in the buying-a-used-trailer process is to communicate your application needs and find out how

Watch: Tips for switching to extended life coolants in heavy-duty trucks

Extended life coolant, or ELC, can simplify a fleet manager’s life by providing a longer service interval compared to conventional coolants. Click here to catch up on all the episodes of FE’s On the Road. When transitioning from conventional coolant to an ELC, you need to be aware of the conversion practices and ensure that

Watch: Trailer safety systems update

Many trailer manufacturers have been proactive in building safer trailers. The most recent example is the development of new rear underride guards. The newer designs are built to stop an automobile from sliding under the trailer in the event of a rear-impact crash. The number of fatalities due to underride crashes was 2,205 within a