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Truck maintenance recommendations for the spring season

Brian Screeton of Bendix talks about what maintenance practices fleets should put into place for their trucks, trailers and components during the spring.

Seasonal maintenance tips as the cold weather rolls in

No one’s ever really ready for winter to move in—the cold weather, snow and wind that hurts your face, not to mention the slush and bad roads. Now I know what you’re probably thinking. “Tess, slow down. We’re barely into October,” and you’d be right but shortly after all the touchdowns have been scored and

Protecting truck systems and components from cold weather-related changes

It’s that time of year again. Fall is upon us and on the horizon is colder weather. Next spring, the welcome warmth of the season will bring changes as well. And with those seasonal shifts come conditions that can sideline trucks. That’s a prospect that any fleet manager knows can raise costs for unscheduled repairs

Spruce up your shop with these seasonal truck maintenance tips

The biggest thing you should look out for is corrosion. Trucks have been rolling down the winter road, through de-icing chemicals that cling to the underbody. On top of that, Spring temperatures can fluctuate widely–freezing one day, warm and wonderful the next. It can impact important components. But it’s not just the underbody. Air dryers

How to avoid frozen truck air lines in the winter

Let’s talk about air lines—and no, I don’t mean Delta or United. It’s that sometimes overlooked but important component of your truck—one that becomes especially vital to keep in good shape as winter rapidly approaches. Winter weather effects on air lines can hurt the truck’s brake system performance, which also puts the truck at risk

Truck service tips for when the snow starts to fly

Like it or not, it’s time to start preparing for winter truck service-related issues. No-starts, frozen air lines–you name it. In this episode of FE Data Center, the two Jasons take a look at what you need to have on your PM check list to make sure you’re ready for when the temperatures drop. Here’s

Maintenance tips for your trucks in the fall

The fall season is a welcoming change for drivers that were overheating alongside their trucks in the summer; but to avoid downtime this season, truckers are advised to take necessary precautions now by investigating air brakes and components; headlights and suspension systems. Dropping temperatures could lead to new challenges for fleets that avoid routine truck

Tips for choosing the right cold weather fuel

It’s hard to imagine right now, but it’s actually time to start planning for the colder months that will be here before we know it. Here are the questions I hear most frequently while helping fleets make sure they have the right biodiesel blend for winter. Can I use biodiesel in the cold? The short

Springtime truck maintenance tips to recover from winter’s toll

Every autumn, we talk a lot – justifiably – about preparing trucks for winter’s harsh conditions. But as spring arrives across North America, it’s just as important to take preventive maintenance steps and address the tolls that a season of wild temperature swings and corrosive road chemicals can take on your vehicles. This installment of

How ambient temperature impacts diesel engine oil (and other seasonal service tips)

Do you feel that? The chill in the wind relenting to the warm sunlight. The fresh scent of blooming flowers. The slivers of light that still peek above the horizon well after dinner time. Yes fleet friends, Spring is here. (Or at least it’s close enough after a long winter.) Time to get your trucks

Five questions on winter truck battery no-starts, answered

Are you one of those people who pulls the covers tight when you hear that morning alarm going off in winter months, desperate to avoid the cold air and enjoy just five (or maybe 15) more minutes of comfort before getting on with your day? Your trucks’ batteries feel the same way, except some winter

Truck battery frozen no start solving problem
The ABCs of winter trucking prep: Brakes

In the ongoing “ABCs of winter trucking prep” series of tech tips from Bendix, the “B” is for brakes. “At the wheel ends, the onset of winter weather means paying extra attention to brake components,” said Mark Holley, director of marketing and customer solutions—wheel-end. “During pre-trip walk-arounds, drivers should look at the air brake chamber