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Self driven: What’s a neural network?

What’s a neural network? It’s a computer system that mimics our brains. It’s software made up of connected nodes of information and every time a signal travels from one node to another it makes a connection that leads to an understanding of what’s happening in the situation.

Automated self driving truck neural network
Self driven: Dr. Wilfried Achenbach leads DTNA’s engineers into the automated unknown

Dr. Wilfried Achenbach has a unique perspective on developing advanced safety systems. But it’s not the one you might expect from Daimler Trucks North America’s senior vice president of engineering and technology.

FE May 19 cover story
Self driven: Failing safe in the automated unknown

What happens if something goes wrong, if there’s software or component failure for a Level 4 automated truck? It’s one of the first questions that the Daimler Trucks team approaches, as it’s paramount to safety.