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New England Kenworth opens New Hampshire parts, service facility

New England Kenworth recently opened a new 19,000 sq.-ft. parts and service facility in Londonderry, New Hampshire, to deliver expanded support to fleets and truck operators in the northeast. Situated on 6.8 acres, New England Kenworth – Londonderry features a 16-bay service department, 1,700 sq.-ft. parts department, and a 1,000 sq.-ft. visual parts display area.

Putting the brakes on poor service practices before the weather does it for you

How you service your trucks’ brakes now will determine how well they perform when the weather turns frigid. Consider this: Every year here at Fleet Equipment, the most-read story in January and February is about frozen air brake lines. Every year. That’s not a surprise to Jake Schell, associate product manager for Mitchell 1’s Commercial

Mitchell 1 Truck Brake Winter Weather Service
Dobbs Peterbilt formed to create one dealership group

Dobbs Management Service announced that it will rename all of its Peterbilt locations nationwide as Dobbs Peterbilt replaces the name for its two wholly owned dealership platforms, Peterbilt Truck Centers and Western Peterbilt. “The planned unification of branding across all of our stores is part of a larger effort to operate all Dobbs truck dealerships

Setting truck maintenance labor costs expectations

“Great! How much is that going to cost me?” You’ve thought it, you’ve probably even said it, and while dealing with truck maintenance costs isn’t fun, it’s just a fact of fleet life. Running on the open road means dealing with the unpredictable. If you’re running a heavy-duty repair shop, you need to make fleet

What your static truck wiring diagrams aren’t showing you

The truck’s electrical system is a complicated web of wiring, a current-carrying circulatory system that sprouts from the truck’s batteries to power a myriad of systems. Nearly everything on today’s heavy-duty trucks is electronically controlled, and if you have an electrical system problem, it could be costly. Lighting alone hovers within the top three CSA

Real-time order management available on Dana’s aftermarket website

Dana Inc. has developed a dynamic order management and information exchange for its aftermarket customers at, the company says. The e-commerce platform and e-catalog provides Dana customers with real-time ordering, processing and product attribute data, Dana says. Visitors to can check inventory status, attain technical information, view product videos and see three-dimensional views

Diagnostic complexity keeps growing

Trucks have become increasingly complex over the last few years. Generations of mechanics were once able to easily adapt to changes in truck technology over the span of a career. In some ways, servicing engines became easier as new production advancements appeared.  For instance, when did any of us last adjust the connecting rod shims

CanDo Diagnostics now offering Motor’s Fleetcross Service

CanDo Diagnostics Inc. is now offering Motor’s Fleetcross Service. Motor’s Fleetcross is a solution for repair information and wiring diagrams. All current users of the HD Pro Tab and HD Pro II can us this service at a discounted price. The company says it will be launching a new HD Pro III Commercial Vehicle scan

Watch: The latest TPMS & ATIS technology makes your truck tires easier to manage

You should be completing periodic inspections anyway, but even if you consider yourself the Michael Jordan of tire inspectors, you can’t be expected to monitor your tire pressure 24/7 on your own. That’s where technology comes into play. The latest TPMS and ATIS systems are designed to keep you and your drivers up to date

The latest truck tire monitoring technology makes your tires easier to manage
Commercial vehicle service operations resilient during Coronavirus crisis

Data continues to show steady maintenance and repair activity among the trucking industry’s fleets and service providers, according to new reporting from Decisiv, Inc. Over the past eight weeks, an average of 63,300 service events have been managed on the SRM platform weekly, Decisiv says. Service activity on weekdays has continued to exceed 12,000 events

Peterbilt launches new website to help recruit service technicians

Peterbilt Motors Company has launched, a new website created with the sole purpose of helping individuals who are interested in a career as a Peterbilt service technician at one of the over 400 Peterbilt dealer locations. Using the links within, Peterbilt says aspiring technicians can learn about the technological enhancements used in Peterbilt

When it comes to maintenance, don’t forget about technology

When it comes to maintenance, technology such as tablets and cameras can sometimes be seen as less important compared to some of the more visible components of the truck. After all, it’s easier to see when there’s an engine problem than when there’s something wrong with a device, and usually more pressing to fix it.