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When it comes to maintenance, don’t forget about technology

When it comes to maintenance, technology such as tablets and cameras can sometimes be seen as less important compared to some of the more visible components of the truck. After all, it’s easier to see when there’s an engine problem than when there’s something wrong with a device, and usually more pressing to fix it.

Daimler Trucks North America dealer network to add 700 service bays across 40 new or remodeled locations

Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA)’s dealer network is building or remodeling more than 40 locations across 30 U.S. states and Canadian provinces to add 700 more service bays in 2020, the company announced. DTNA says the new service bays will increase potential network capacity by up to 3.5 million service hours per year and are

Volvo Trucks recommends Select Parts Store for remote parts purchasing

Under the current COVID-19 working conditions, Volvo Trucks North America is encouraging customers to utilize the Volvo Select Part Store, the company’s e-commerce parts platform. The Volvo Select Part Store enables customers to locate a participating Volvo Trucks dealer and search and select from more than 500,000 parts for purchase and delivery, the company says.

BestDrive supporting essential fleets, roadside service

BestDrive, a commercial tire dealer and retreader focusing on Continental tire offerings, is open with standard operating hours during the COVID-19 pandemic. BestDrive says it has been implementing health and safety measures in all locations, following the recommendations of state, federal and international health officials, such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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How do we attract, recruit more heavy-duty truck technicians?

Most people are aware that the trucking industry will need an influx of technicians/mechanics to keep up with the current shortage.  The question is: how do we generate some hype in the industry to recruit and develop young talent to help with the workload? Recruiting is one of the most valuable attributes that a good

The importance of hearing protection in your shop

The sound of birds on a spring morning, crickets chirping in the otherwise still night, a child saying “I love you”—all are precious sounds that we perhaps take for granted. That is, of course, until they are gone from our world due to hearing loss.  A truck repair shop is obviously a noisy environment with

Watch: How data can help prevent breakdowns

The worst-case scenario for a driver and fleet manager alike is a roadside breakdown. If this should happen to your truck, this out-of-service vehicle can cost your fleet $1,000 or more each day. In addition to leaving customers without service, a typical breakdown might take your truck off the road for seven to 10 days

How to act on truck telematics data, not just analyze it

Working remotely is new for much of the business world, but your trucks are always remote–rolling across the city, state or country delivering needed goods. The difference for you as the fleet manager now might be that you’re not down the hall from your dispatcher, shop manager or driver training manager. The telematics you employ

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Keeping up with scan tools

Why is it important for truck fleet service facilities to keep up with new fault code data and scan tool and diagnostic system updates? “It is imperative that a shop’s diagnostic and scan tools always operate the latest version in order to repair all makes, models and components,” says Jason Hedman, product manager at Noregon.

Why many fleets are fed up with service fees

Everywhere you look, fees are piling up with everything we pay for. When was the last time you rented a car? Look at the list of fees—facility fees, battery fee, tire recoup fee and additional recoup fee, local tax, city tax, county state tax, not to mention if you forget to fill it up with

Your go-to tractor, trailer suspension inspection and maintenance guide

Legally, you are required to inspect your tractor and trailer suspension systems annually, but running a safe and productive fleet demands more than a once-a-year suspension check.

Avoid the trucking service communication breakdown

How you can help your service provider be more productive—and boost your bottom line in the process.