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Cool down: A primer of coolant and additives

Today’s modern heavy-duty engines are being designed with a greater amount of aluminum components, including radiators, heater cores, oil coolers, charge air coolers, water distribution housings, piping and control valves. “Due to the higher aluminum content engines, one phenomenon that is being observed in the industry is that nitrite containing coolants may react with aluminum

Coolant types additives
Coolant compatibility: Know thy coolants

When it comes to a fleet’s extended life coolant concerns, look no further than the three C’s: Capabilities; Compatibility; and Contamination. The biggest concern for the fleets running organic acid coolants (OAT) and nitrited organic acid technology (NOAT) extended life coolant [ELC] is knowing which fluid should be in their system. Extended life coolants are

Coolant Capatability Know Your Truck Coolant