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Podcast: The State of Sustainable Fleets

In today’s episode of Fleet Future, we’re going to zoom out a bit from the electric truck discussion and talk about alternative fuels and sustainability in general. Why might fleets be interested, and how do they get started? A recently released study tackled some of those questions. The “State of Sustainable Fleets” report from Gladstein,

State of Sustainable Fleets report: Most fleets plan to increase, continue use of alternative fuels

Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA) has released the results of a new “State of Sustainable Fleets” report, sponsored by Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA), Shell Oil Co., Penske Transportation Solutions and Exelon Corp. Among the findings of the report: Natural gas, propane, battery electric, and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, the four sustainable vehicle technology platforms

Ten things you need to know about your trucks’ coolant

FE surveyed coolant experts around the industry about the most important things fleets should know when it comes to their coolant. Below is a brief guide to your trucks’ coolant, in the form of 10 of their most important coolant tips. First things first: know what kind of coolant your truck OEM recommends, and what

Keep the summer sun from overheating your engines

Say your driver is out on the road and notices something wrong—liquid is leaking from the engine area. The driver suspects a coolant leak, but how can he or she know for sure? It’s an important question. Coolant leaks are serious business. “Coolant leaks can be very damaging, as they reduce the coolant level, lower

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How the right engine oil can impact your DPF maintenance costs

Name your biggest service headache. Ready, go: DPF! Jinx.

The value of used oil analysis

Oil manufacturers are quick to point to used oil analysis as a good practice for your fleet to ensure the health of your engine oil and related components. According to Dan Arcy, global OEM technical manager for Shell Lubricants, this is a scientific way to assess the condition of the lubricant in your engine and

Fuels and lubes column
Greenlots, Volvo Trucks partner on charger installation for Volvo LIGHTS electrified trucking project

Greenlots, a member of the Shell Group and provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy management solutions, announced the installation of charging infrastructure for a fleet of electrified commercial trucks as part of its ongoing partnership with Volvo Trucks. The heavy-duty fleet charging stations are the first of four installations by Greenlots at warehouses

The 2019 Truck Equipment Trend of the Year: Suppliers step up

2019’s Fleet Equipment Trucking Trend of the Year is the new innovations and products being put forward by the trucking industry’s suppliers.

Shell reveals plans for second Starship run

In the summer of 2018, Shell Lubricants collaborated with AirFlow Truck Co. and several industry partners to build the Starship concept truck, and ran it on a coast-to-coast run which achieved an 8.94 MPG average. Now, the company has shared that the truck will be embarking on another coast-to-coast run in 2020.

Shell to release T6 full synthetic 0W-40 oil for extreme cold

Shell Lubricants is introducing Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic 0W-40 heavy-duty diesel engine oil. This new oil is an upgrade/relaunch of the Rotella T6 full synthetic 0W-40, and now meets API CK-4 requirements.

Shell introduces new natural gas engine oil

Shell Lubricants is introducing Shell Rotella T4 NG Plus 15W-40 heavy-duty engine oil for natural gas trucks.

The importance of freight-ton efficiency

Of all the different metrics that can be used for measuring the energy required to move goods—miles per gallon, ton-miles per gallon, gallons per ton-mile and freight ton efficiency—freight-ton efficiency (FTE), measured in ton-miles per gallons, is the most effective in measuring the amount of energy required to transport a load of goods from Point A to Point B.