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Shell launches artificial intelligence-powered Virtual Assistant

Shell has launched an artificial intelligence-driven service for customers, the Shell Virtual Assistant. It is an interactive shop on the Shell website where customers and distributors can ask common lubricant-related questions, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers and distributors type in their question via an online message window, and avatars Emma and Ethan

Shell Virtual Assistant
Shell Lubricants, AirFlow Truck to develop ‘hyper-fuel milage’ tractor

Shell Lubricants is partnering with AirFlow Truck Co. owner and designer, Bob Sliwa, to develop a new hyper-fuel mileage Class 8 tractor trailer, announced the two companies Thursday evening, March 26, as part of MATS. This next-generation concept truck, nicknamed the StarShip, will feature a completely new design with the aim of breaking current fuel

Shell Rotella introduces nitrite-free extended life coolant

Shell Lubricants expanded its portfolio with the introduction of Shell Rotella Extended Life Coolant – Nitrite Free (ELC NF). The new coolant joins the Shell Rotella coolant portfolio as the companion to Shell Rotella Ultra ELC. Both products are designed to meet the requirements of a growing segment of commercial vehicles that are moving to

Keeping truck engines cool: The right coolant and coolant filter stand between you and engine repairs

The biggest factors surrounding engine coolant are maintaining engine temperatures, assisting in emission control and being plagued by chemical and particulate contamination, says John Gaither, director of heavy-duty engineering for Luber-finer. In addition, he notes, they often must handle rust, silicate drop out and scale, which is caused by an unbalanced system and needs to

There is confusion around which coolant should be used
Detecting engine problems the scientific way

Oil analysis is a scientific way to assess the condition of engine lubricant and detect conditions within the engine that could cause premature wear and/or downtime. Think of oil analysis as a cost-effective early warning system, Arcy suggests. Is there too much diesel fuel in the oil? Check your fuel system. What about traces of