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Preventing unintended consequences from routine service on ADAS-equipped commercial vehicles

Technology can be a wonderful thing–when it works. When it doesn’t, that same wondrous technology can lead to unintended consequences, including complete mechanical failure. Having a deeper level of understanding how the pieces work together can help us navigate more effectively around all those devices to deliver the benefits we had hoped to achieve. The

The importance of a digital maintenance calendar for truck maintenance

A digital maintenance calendar utilized for truck maintenance scheduling is valuable to a fleet management department for several reasons. Digital calendars keep a maintenance department fully on track and are easily shared, allowing a real-time overview of the maintenance workload. In addition, it leaves a digital trail in case of some catastrophic vehicle failure.  Digital

Noregon upgraded JPRO Professional

Noregon has released JPRO Professional 2022 v2, which the company says is the second major update of the year for its in-shop diagnostic and troubleshooting tool. New purchases include the latest version and existing subscribers can update at no additional cost via the software or the company’s website. JPRO’s visual inspection report has been updated

You need to update your truck shop software

Software updates are important practices we should all be doing and not just with our phones. It’s important that your shop’s diagnostic and scan tools operate on the latest version in order to properly repair all makes, models and components. If your truck shop scan tools and service software solutions don’t have the latest software

Noregon releases major upgrades for JPRO Professional

Noregon has released the first update of 2022 for their in-shop diagnostic and troubleshooting application, JPRO Professional. The version – officially titled JPRO Professional 2022 v1 – is now available for new purchases and updates. This release includes additional support, coverage, and bi-directional tests for major component and vehicle manufacturers, plus visual enhancements to the

Visible value that parts inventory software can bring to truck shops

It’s probably not a surprise that parts costs can account for a substantial portion of a fleet’s maintenance and repair expenses. What’s not often as apparent, however, is the cost of managing parts, and the ways that activity can be streamlined to generate savings and improve a service operation’s productivity and efficiency. “Fleet operations often

Diagnosing codes on heavy-duty vehicles

Codes are not complex. They are set when the data from a sensor or component falls outside of the normal operating parameters. Also, codes can be set when the control module detects an implausible input or result for a given situation. This is often referred to as the “criteria” for setting the code. All codes

The value of VMRS in your shop

It’s important to have everyone involved in the truck repair process speaking the same language. This may seem obvious, but it’s easy to overlook how much time is saved when there is consistency across your fleet, your service providers and even the OEMs. It’s for this exact reason that the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC)

Bi-directional testing: How it can speed up truck shop operations

What is the problem? It’s the most basic and, oftentimes, most perplexing question in truck repair. Trucks are complex machines driven by computer controls. Fault codes do their best to point technicians in the right direction, but being able to quickly to diagnose the root cause of the service problem is paramount. Enter bi-directional testing.

Noregon releases major upgrades for JPRO Professional

Noregon announced the a new major update for JPRO Professional, the company’s in-shop diagnostic and troubleshooting tool. The release, JPRO Professional 2021 v2, is available for purchase and active JPRO subscribers can update at no additional cost. “This release helps techs quickly identify performance and health-related issues on vehicle systems that affect the cost of

You need to update your truck shop software

Seriously, if you’re not sure if your shop software is updated, you should probably stop what you’re doing and check right now. If your truck shop scan tools and service software solutions don’t have the latest software build, update them now. It’s important that your shop’s diagnostic and scan tools operate the latest version in

Safety first: Helping technicians quickly and easily work on ADAS systems

“Safety first.” Yes, it’s a cliché, but sometimes a cliché becomes that way for a reason, and certainly, for modern fleets, safety is of paramount importance. From the need to guard against the expensive costs of a crash to the simple responsibility of making sure those multi-ton Class 8 trucks are as safe for their