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SmartWay spec’ing update: The heavy-duty industry’s push for efficiency

It has been nine years since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched the SmartWay program aimed at reducing transportation emissions by creating incentives to improve supply chain fuel efficiency. To give you some perspective, in 2004, George W. Bush defeated John Kerry in the presidential election and Fleet Equipment’s then-editor Tom Gelinas urged fleet managers to invest in technology such as rear obstacle sensing systems and auxiliary heating and cooling technology designed to eliminate the need for idling for interior climate control. So how far has the heavy-duty truck industry come?

Time for applause

As we end the year, it’s fitting that we applaud the 40 SmartWay Partners, that earned this year’s Excellence Awards, fewer than 1% of SmartWay partners.

Sustainability at Ryder Systems

Ryder Systems says it can help its leasing and rental customers improve the carbon footprint of their operations in three main areas: engine technologies, vehicle maintenance, and alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles.

A new opportunity for SmartWay Partnership

Federal government agency GSA Freight Management Services is now using SmartWay criteria to procure transportation services for the agencies it serves.

SmartWay tractors

SmartWay Transport Partners that purchase or lease SmartWay designated tractors and are in program good standing have the privilege of labeling the exterior of these tractors with the SmartWay mark.

Coming soon: Verified low rolling resistance retread tires

The EPA recently announced it has established a verification program for retread tires designed for use on line-haul trucks and trailers.

SmartWay ‘Truck Tool’

The SmartWay Partnership’s online Truck Tool provides carriers that join and participate in the Partnership with several benefits.

Plug it in: reduce idle, save fuel

The elimination of unnecessary engine idling is a move that will save fuel, reduce exhaust emissions, cut air pollution and save money.

SmartWay Partners, take notice

A number of new products at the 2012 Mid-American Trucking Show should be of interest to SmartWay members, from tires to transmissions to new vehicles.

Sustainability on the retail level

A report released by the Retail Industry Leaders Association describes how retailers are improving transportation efficiency through an array of strategies.

Honored for SmartWay success

Several SmartWay partners recently were recognized as Champions for the important contributions they’ve made in advancing innovative strategies that save fuel, reduce emissions and improve economic sustainability.

Consider automatic tire inflation systems to boost fleet fuel economy

The SmartWay Partnership has established protocols to evaluate the fuel-saving benefits of various devices. It provides information on a number of technologies—idle reduction technologies, low rolling resistance tire and, aerodynamic devices—that offer fuel-saving and/or emission-reducing benefits ( It also has distributed information on other technologies that it has determined offer fuel savings, including automatic tire