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New SmartWay Program developments

Recently, we were given an update on some of SmartWay’s latest activities aimed at helping its partners decrease fuel use and emissions by Cheryl Bynum, a SmartWay Program manager. First is an ongoing effort to develop its assessment and tracking tools, which will present its partners with an improved system for quantifying and benchmarking their

Government to regulate truck fuel consumption

It was thirty-some years ago that the National Highway Transportation Administration (NHTSA) began regulating fuel consumption of automobiles. It was the birth of Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards. There was a serious move at that time to include heavy, commercial trucks in those regulations. However, because of the wide range of applications for trucks

Financing fuel savings

Is there anyone who has been on our nation’s roads during the last few months that has not seen—and possibly at times been bothered by—road construction and repair accompanied by signage that proudly announces that the improvements have been funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act? Of course, folks in the trucking industry generally

Avoiding rolling resistance to save fuel

They’re called 18-wheelers, and every one of those 18 wheels has a tire on it that offers you the opportunity to save some money if you make the correct choice when you purchase it. Whether it’s standing still or rolling down the highway, a tire has a somewhat oval shaped footprint because it flexes and

SmartWay: A sharing partnership

To the credit of the trucking industry, the SmartWay Partnership continues to grow—at a faster rate, in fact, as each year goes on. Earlier this year the program enjoyed welcoming its 2,000th partner, and is now approaching the 3,000 mark. This is nearly double the number of members it had just a year ago. Among

Partner to the SmartWay Partnership

EPA’s SmartWay Partnership continues to grow rapidly because of the financial advantages offered to both participating fleets and shippers. There is also the satisfaction of knowing that, as a company, you are acting as a responsible citizen in reducing your carbon footprint. Many SmartWay Partners have found similar advantages available through another EPA effort, its

New SmartWay options, policy

As a former radio news commentator used to say, “Ladies and gentlemen, there’s new tonight”—a new policy statement from Washington as well as new SmartWay-verified fuel saving options available to you. First, the good news. Silver Eagle ( has achieved SmartWay verification of the fuel-saving ability of its new Aero Saber trailer skirt. Matt Goldfain,

Schneider National: A SmartWay leader

A couple of months ago, the United States, as well as hundreds of other countries, celebrated Earth Day. In fact, it was the 40th annual Earth Day. Earth Day began when Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, took a leading role in organizing a day intended to generate popular support for a nationwide  environmental

Fuel saving trailers

When a fleet joins the SmartWay Transport Partnership, it makes a commitment to work toward improved environmental and fuel efficient operations. The results generally include a decrease in exhaust emissions, an improvement in shipping opportunities from SmartWay Shipper Partners and a substantial operational cost savings due to a decrease in fuel consumption. The first steps

Medium-duty vehicle fuel savings

While SmartWay engineers move toward expanding the program’s certified truck models beyond long-haul designs, component suppliers continue to develop new products that offer fleets opportunities to save fuel. Some of these products have already been considered by EPA SmartWay to be sufficiently effective to be included in its list of verified fuel saving products even

New fuel economy tests coming

When fleets join EPA’s SmartWay Partnership, they voice their intention to limit exhaust emissions and report regularly on their activities in this regard, but it’s definitely not a one-way street. SmartWay, in turn, is obligated to assist partners in achieving emission and fuel usage reduction goals. To do this, EPA, working with OEM partners, has

Help from a nonprofit

Cascade Sierra Solutions (CSS) is a non-profit organization that works with both public and private partners. It is also a three-year Affiliate Member of the SmartWay Partnership but is somewhat different than most other non-profit SmartWay affiliates, which are “Trade and professional associations; membership; nongovernmental organizations; academic institutions and governmental agencies who educate their constituents