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Now we have SmartWay trailers

We’ve talked about the availability of SmartWay certified tractors on this page several times.

Follow the leader

There’??s an old proverb that says "Nothing succeeds like success,"?

New SmartWay testing being developed

On this page last month we talked about the fuel saving advantages

SmartWay generates smart buys

If you work in the trucking industry, and are not currently in some sort of coma, you have seen magazine ads or trade show displays of vehicles sporting the “U.S. EPA Certified SmartWay” logo.

Partnership pay-offs

Con-way Inc. recently completed its acquisition of Missouri-based Contract Freighters Inc., and the company got far more than CFI’s 2600 tractors and 7,000 trailers for which it negotiated.

Schneider National honored

It was just four years ago that the EPA launched the SmartWay Transport Partnership to address the environmental and economic challenges resulting from the growth of the freight industry.

Idling success

Fuel is expensive and continues to get more expensive.

Going Green

A few years ago engines came in just a few colors: red, yellow, tan, silver. They did it with paint then.

For your consideration

While we’ve talked about the government’s SmartWay program before on this page, we believe the importance of the program, to fleets as well as the country, warrants another mention.