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What it takes to service battery electric trucks

Investing in battery-electric trucks and infrastructure are just the beginning of electrifying your fleet, Volvo has experience taking shops through the rest of the EV journey.

The ABC’s of tire load capacity

By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll realize that ensuring optimal tire performance can be as easy as ABC.

The true cost of bargain air spring spec’ing

Reproductions made of cheaper, less stable materials are on the rise in the global market.

Brake pads you can be grateful for

As we make our way into the season of thanks and gratitude, we find ourselves appreciating the things that may frequently go unnoticed in day to day life. If you flip a lightswitch, the bulb comes on. And when you turn on the faucet, clean water flows from the tap. If you hit your brakes,

K-Seal the coolant leak repair specialists

K-Seal has ALL your coolant leak repairs covered. K-Seal requires no draining or flushing of the cooling system and mixes with all types of antifreeze. For all your sealing needs, remember ONLY ONE NAME… K-Seal.

Tips to Improve Truck Repair Efficiency [Sponsored]

This video, brought to you by Mitchell1, shows you exactly how you can find information within TruckSeries that will make repairs go faster and more smoothly.

Weighing in on trailer spring suspension TCO

Increased payload and trailer uptime are prime factors in determining the total cost of ownership (TCO) calculation when considering a suspension system. Tried and true spring suspensions have been serving trailers well years and for good reason: The initial lower acquisition and maintenance costs of yesteryear are now married to continued improvement in mechanical spring

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