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Talbert Manufacturing announces 2022 Dealer Award winners

Talbert Manufacturing names Hale Trailer Brake & Wheel as top dealer for 2022, 15th consecutive year.

Talbert Manufacturing shows off customized 70SA-RC-RA trailer at CONEXPO

The trailer’s design features a flip extension to accommodate a tri-axle Jeep dolly, allowing for maximum load configurations, according to Talbert.

Talbert Manufacturing exhibited customized 60CC-RC trailer at CONEXPO

The deck of the custom trailer incorporates a 9-foot, 6-inch-wide raised center deck.

Talbert Manufacturing celebrates the 75th anniversary of removable gooseneck trailer

Talbert Manufacturing celebrates the 75th anniversary of the release of its non-ground bearing removable gooseneck trailer. First introduced in 1947, the removable gooseneck technology revolutionized safety in the heavy haul trailer industry. Since its inception, Talbert has designed two different removable gooseneck trailers: the hydraulic detachable gooseneck trailers and the mechanical detachable gooseneck trailers. The

Heavy haul trailer maintenance advice

Trailer safety is paramount, and that’s doubly so for heavy hauls that come with their own safety operation requirements. Staying on top of heavy haul trailer maintenance is foundational. For heavy haul trailer maintenance advice, Fleet Equipment caught up with Troy Geisler, vice president of sales and marketing, Talbert Manufacturing, manufacturer of specialty and heavy

Talbert Manufacturing announces 2020 dealer award winners

Talbert Manufacturing has named Hale Trailer Brake & Wheel, headquartered in Voorhees, New Jersey, as its top dealer for 2020. This award recognizes performance in trailer sales, service and parts on behalf of Talbert Manufacturing. This is Hale’s 13th consecutive time in the top spot, Talbert says. The dealership was also recognized as the top

Talbert introduces flexible heavy-haul trailer

Talbert Manufacturing has introduced the 60CC/55SA-LD trailer for heavy-haul applications. The trailer pairs with Talbert’s optional East Coast-style E1Nitro axle extension, allowing for 60-ton capacity with a close-coupled configuration or a 55-ton hauling capacity with a spread axle configuration. While maintaining a 60-ton rating at half the deck length, the 60CC/55SA-LD offers a 6-in. ground clearance

Talbert Manufacturing introduces 60-ton spread-axle trailer

Talbert Manufacturing has introduced the 60/65SA trailer, which the company says has been designed to accommodate both tri-axle and tandem-axle jeeps. It features 2+2, 3+1 and 4 axle close coupled configurations. The trailer offers a 60-ton capacity rating with its 13-ft., 6-in. two-point rigid load base as a 2+2 or 3+1 configuration. Owners also can

Talbert offers 35-ton close-couple lowbed trailer

Talbert Manufacturing offers its new 35CC-HRG lowbed trailer, which is rated at 70,000 lbs. overall and 70,000 lbs. within a 12-ft. load base. It also features Talbert’s removable hydraulic gooseneck. The 35CC-HRG is part of Talbert’s Close-Couple Lowbed Series. The trailer’s two axles are close coupled and can be designed to accept an optional pin-on

Talbert Manufacturing releases 55-ton trailer

Talbert Manufacturing introduces the 55-Ton Roller Paver (55CC-RP) heavy-haul trailer for enhanced load versatility and minimal permit costs. The trailer has a concentrated load rating of 55 tons in 12.5 feet of deck, and it comes with dual kingpin settings, which allow drivers to operate in states with 43-ft. kingpin laws, such as Connecticut, without

Talbert Manufacturing names its top 10 dealers of 2016

Talbert Manufacturing named Hale Trailer Brake & Wheel of Voorhees, New Jersey, as its top dealer for the ninth straight year. This award recognizes a dealers for high performance in selling trailers, service and parts. “Hale continues to lead our North American dealer network year after year. They’ve earned the reputation as a leader in

Maintenance tips for heavy haul trailers

Heavy-haul trailers see it all—rocks, ruts, bumps and jolts. It all translates to an increased risk of damage. The following conversation, between Troy Geisler, vice president of marketing and sales for Talbert Manufacturing and Lloyd Hair, director of maintenance for Keen Transport, outlines some things to keep in mind when hitting the road with the load. 1. What are