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Podcast: Why tracking the right metrics is key for your truck maintenance operation

What makes tracking the right metrics in a fleet maintenance shop so important? According to Jacob Findlay, founder and CEO of Fullbay, a provider of shop management software, it’s important to evolve from a gut feeling, shoot-from-the-hip style of business to a more precise one where the right metrics are tracked, or your shop risks

Why you need to use VMRS during truck service

VMRS was ahead of its time. The Vehicle Maintenance Report Standards (VMRS) was established by the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) of American Trucking Associations (ATA) back in 1970. Think about that for a minute: VMRS sought to establish a standard for maintenance data back when “telematics” was a piece of paper, a pencil, your

Keeping up with the truck maintenance process: Inside the new VMRS Code Key 24

The ATA Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC)’s Vehicle Maintenance Report Standards (VMRS) program was started in 1970 with the goal of developing a standard method of communication for everyone involved in the truck maintenance process, from fleets to repair shops to OEMs. Recently, the VMRS Codes Committee determined that VMRS needed more flexibility to describe

Fuels and oil: Finding truth in the noise

We live in a confusing age. Considerable information is available thanks to the internet, but there is no easy way of assessing its validity. Anyone can make a statement on the internet—and it is up to us to decide the truth of the statement. Let’s take a look at some recent claims that impact your

Fuels and lubes column
Special considerations for steer axle tires

Retreading commercial tires is standard operating procedure for successful fleets. Depending on the specific retread design and tread depth, retreads cost approximately one-third to one-half the price of a new tire. Fleets are always looking for ways to protect that tire casing since it is a valuable asset. Retreads can be used on any wheel

Tires Wheels Column
The 48-volt revolution

Fleet managers have long struggled to find ways to increase fuel efficiency. Today’s trucks are the most sophisticated trucks to date; there are still efficiency gains to be found, but fleet managers might have to adjust how they think about where to find those gains, including rethinking some old truck traditions. Take electrical systems, for

Battery truck electrical
Have cameras, will travel

The sun splashes a glare across my laptop screen as the 600-MPH soaring cattle cannon crosses the country. The Kinks’ This Time Tomorrow drowns out the drumming of the engines and fuels dreams of the Fleet Equipment staff’s next adventure. The trucking industry is a market in motion. It’s true, the FE crew travels a

Fleet Equipment On the Road Column
Some thoughts on fuel economy

In this column, I want to discuss fuel economy (FE), in the hopes that I might give you a few ideas to experiment within your operation. Note that I said “experiment.” My experience has been that no matter what you hear or read, you need to check new ideas out in your operation. You need

Fuels and lubes column
Report Card: FMVSS 121 reduced stopping distance regulation

We are coming up on the third anniversary of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 121 reduced stopping distance regulation (RSD) start date. Fleet Equipment decided to ask brake friction manufacturers to report in on brake performance—and/or changes—since those regulations went into effect. “Actually, the friction materials were changing long before August 2011,” says

Meritor reduced stopping distance
Designing programs to avoid CSA violations

A 2013 CSA Violation Study by Vigillo, which provides a widely used CSA reporting system that aggregates, organizes and delivers fleet safety information in a suite of CSA Scorecards, reveals that maintenance related issues make up over 80% of all violations among all seven BASICs, or Behavior Analysis Safety Improvement Categories. Furthermore, notes Steve Bryan,

Phillips Industries announces new partnership

During a press conference held at the Technology and Maintenance Council 2014 Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition, Phillips Industries announced a partnership with Innotec.  The new partnership will offer Innotec’s unique Boardfree LED lights packaged with Phillips’ Sta-Dry trailer harnesses. This partnership signifies Phillips’ entrance into the exterior trailer LED lighting market. In September