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Newly launched Lytx Integration Network taps Geotab, Idelic and more

Lytx has unveiled its Lytx Integration Network, which is an ecosystem of strategic partners that leverage the company’s video and telematics data solutions on a customizable, all-in-one fleet management platform. The new network gives customers access to an array of solutions for fleet operations, according to Lytx. Lytx says the network gives customers access to a

Phillips Connect Technologies announces three new trailer telematics solutions

Phillips Connect Technologies (PCT) announced the launch and demonstrated the capabilities of its TrailerNet, ChassisNet, and ContainerNet transportation technology platforms during a press conference held in conjunction with ATA’s Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) 2019 Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition. “What we have here is a brand new product category,” said Rob Phillips, president

Trimble expands connectivity capabilities through TMT ServiceConnect

Trimble introduced its new TMT ServiceConnect module, enabling fleet shops using Trimble’s TMT Fleet Maintenance (TMT) software to be connected to more than 4,500 medium- and heavy-duty service locations, including many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) dealers, throughout North America. By licensing the add-on module, TMT users will gain direct connectivity to thousands of service centers

Daimler Trucks on platooning technology: No business case for long-haul applications

Moving forward with its innovation roadmap, Daimler Trucks is reassessing its view on platooning. Daimler Trucks defines platooning as the electronic coupling of two or more trucks with significantly reduced distance between them to, in theory, improve aerodynamics and therefore save fuel. Daimler Trucks has tested platooning for several years, especially in the U.S., where

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Watch: Let’s talk over-the-air truck engine updates

The majority of heavy-duty engine manufacturers, namely Cummins, Detroit, International and Volvo Trucks, have rolled out over-the-air (OTA) engine reprogramming this year, giving you the power to update your 2017 model year and newer engines wherever your trucks are on the road (provided there is cellular coverage). What that means for you is that you

Watch: Tips for sharing your fleet’s data

You know all that data streaming off your truck: fault codes, efficiency data, safety data, and beyond. Yeah, you own that. It’s yours to share with anyone you like. First, a warning: Be sure whomever you decided to share your data with, be it an OEM dealer or independent service provider can transfer and keep

Continental ContiPressureCheck system now available on Geotab Marketplace

Continental announced that its ContiPressureCheck TPMS system is now available on the Geotab Marketplace. The ContiPressureCheck system helps fleets avoid tire-related breakdowns and costs associated with unplanned downtime by providing real-time data, the company explained. Tire temperature and pressure data that is captured via the ContiPressureCheck system is transmitted through Geotab’s GO device and provides